Sunday, December 29, 2013

Midget Huskies continue reign atop Spud League standings

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Midget Huskies are having a great season.  Going into the Christmas break they were on top of the Spud League standings with 13 wins, no losses, and a tie. The Huskies added one more to the win column after an 8-1 away game victory over Bow Island, and are now sitting at 14-0-1 halfway through the 2013-2014 season.

The tie was a 3-3 away game against Magrath on Saturday December 21.  Magrath sits just below the Huskies in the standings with 10 wins, 2 losses, and a tie. Magrath's two defeats came at the hands of Coaldale and Bow Island.  The Huskies defeated Coaldale for the third time this season on Sunday December 22, an away game.  The Huskies won it 5-3.

I ran into Blair Goodreau when he was supporting the Senior Hawks Boys at a basketball game before Christmas, and he gave me some lowdown on what's making his team so successful this season.

Goodreau is interim Captain due to Zach Wall being out with an injury after a hard hit.  "It's been going well for us this year," he said, master of the understatement.  "I know we got a lot of the guys to step up, and do their job.  The boys are a great group this year, and everybody gets along.  So everybody was able to step up and play their game."

"Everybody tries their best.  We don't have the most skilled team but everybody works as hard as they can. We have a little team, but we can outwork teams.  We've got good conditioning."

I asked him who posed the biggest challenge for the Huskies this year, a few days ahead of last weekend's games. "Magrath, we haven't played them yet, Coaldale, Warner.  Three awesome, good teams.  We managed to win (against Coaldale and Warner), but it wasn't easy at all.  It was a battle."  Magrath is currently second in the Spud League standings.

I asked him how the goaltending of Jeremy Kretz was working out for the team.  Kretz was a Bantam last season.  "He's really good," said Goodreau.  "He hasn't lost yet, he must be doing something right."

Goodreau has his eyes on the big leagues.  "I never got the call to the show yet, so I'm waiting around here. It's my draft year this year, so I'm hoping I'll go at least into the top 600 this year. I've been hitting the gym right now, I've been riding the bike, getting in shape."

The Midget Huskies are scheduled to start 2014 with a home game at the MCC arena on Friday, January 3, 8:15 pm, when they're scheduled to host Warner for the third time this season.

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