Thursday, December 19, 2013

St. Michael's School puts on 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'

Dress rehearsal scene
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

St. Michael's School's Senior Drama Class presented a production of  'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' on Monday, December 16 and Tuesday December 17. Other students and adult volunteers performed in the play as well.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a comedic story of the Bradley family pulling together to help mom Grace Bradely, the mother,  put together the annual Christmas pageant when the regular director breaks her leg. Grace was well portrayed by Emilie Charette.

The family faced other challenges arranging the pageant. For the first time ever the Herdmans, an entire family of bullies who have never heard the story of Christmas, also want to be in the play. The Herdmans even take over the lead roles by intimidating the other kids into not applying for them. Grace is further confounded when her husband will barely deign to attend, costumes are more of a challenge than expected, and the early rehearsals are a disaster. Isabelle Charette plays Alice, who is bitter about not being Mary and therefore causes havoc of her own.
Whitney Holoboff, Emma Burnham and Isabelle Charette
Trials mount as no-one is offering their baby for the role of Jesus, to Grace's dismay. Imogene Herdman, played by Kiy-anna Courchesne, offers to find a baby for the role, mentioning that people leave them lying around in strollers all the time. Grace declined the generous offer and opted for using a doll.

At dress rehearsal  few are dressed in costume, a fight breaks out that almost rips the baby Jesus doll in half, and smoke pouring out of one of the washrooms means a visit from the fire department, hoses at the ready. The result is that no-one ever had a single run through of the whole play. To cancel or go on becomes a choice that may not stay in the hands of Grace.

Bailey McDougall, Sonny Smith, Andrew Strong,
Emilie Charette & Kiy-anna Courchesne
The play was executed well with moments that had the crowd roaring with laughter. Courchesne said that it was fun to play the bully Imogene, who is cast as Mary. "It came naturally," she said of the role that had her shoving people around. "I have brothers."

 It all comes to a happy ending with everyone thinking a little more about the meaning of Christmas.

Kiy-anna Courchesne, Andrew Strong, Emilie Charette,
Diana Smith, and Robert Nightingale
At the end of the play, the Senior Drama students presented their teacher Diana Smith with flowers in appreciation of her efforts.

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