Thursday, January 30, 2014

Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club gets Equine First Aid lessons

Greetings from Jessie Terpstra, club reporter of Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club!

Dr. Amanda Elliott, from Country Vets Inc., came to Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club. Dr. Elliott has come twice (November 16th, 2013 and January 18th, 2014) to do theory presentations on Equine First Aid.  Some of the things Dr. Elliott taught us about were Dentistry, Hoof Care, Deworming, Regular Temperature, Feed (if they are hard/easy keepers), Colic, and Wounds. We enjoyed Dr. Elliott lots and enjoyed her coming.  Silver Reins would like to thank Dr. Elliott very much for taking the time come and teach us!

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