Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chinook 4-H Multi Club holds Communications event

Justin Nelson, Chinook 4-H Multi Club reporter

The Chinook 4-H Multi club recently held their annual Communications event.  This is how our members placed:

Taylor Deley
Intermediate Presentation:
  1. Taylor Deley 

Maeran Hinch
Jillana Hammond

Intermediate Speeches:
  1. Maeran Hinch 
  2. Jillanna Hammond 

Christopher and Eric LeBlanc
Shawn Hammond
Logan Deley

Cadence Sinnott
Tim Jorgensen

Junior Presentation:
  1. Logan Deley 
  2. Tim Jorgensen 
  3. Cadence Sinnott 
  4. Christopher and Eric LeBlanc 

Kiera Hinch
Logan Deley

Justin Nelson

Junior Speeches:

  1. Kiera Hinch
  2. Shawn Hammond
  3. Justin Nelson

The top two in each category will be moving on to Districts February 26th and 27th .

Thank you to all the Judges, timers, parents and grandparents for coming to listen and watch the speeches and presentations.

Good luck to those who are moving on.

Mistress of Ceremonies Brooke Hammond and Master of Ceremonies Jaxon Hammond

Other club related information:

  • Small Engines participants have been digging deeper in to the internals of an engine.
  • Shooting Sports participants have been shooting different paper targets at the Elks Hall in Blairmore.
  • Chicken Project participants have been learning all about chicken parts and what chickens eat.
  • Swine Project participants will be getting their pigs soon, they have also been learning all about pigs. The Swine Sale will be in May of this year stay tuned for further details.

That's all for now.
Justin Nelson
Chinook 4-H Multi Club reporter

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  1. Myra H20/2/14

    Well done make a great reporter!


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