Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boys Rugby season begins - Fort Macleod and Crowsnest Pass meet in Pincher Creek

Might as well jump!  Fort Macleod and CNP Senior Boys
Janelle Jorgensen photo
Justine Jorgensen

The Fort Macleod and Crowsnest Pass boys rugby teams met in Pincher Creek at Sproule Field on Tuesday for a couple of windy games to start off the season. The senior varsity game was first and both teams played hard, with a final score of 45-5 in favour of the F.P. Walshe Flyers. The Crowsnest Panthers put up a good fight. The team is still new and growing; they hadn’t yet had the chance to be on the field as it is early in the year and the weather hasn’t been warm enough. Despite their lack of experience, they challenged their opponent with some good runs and hard hits.

SR Boys
Janelle Jorgensen photo

The Flyers always kept the ball moving - they played smart by running plays and hitting gaps in the Panther’s defensive line to work towards the end zone. They tackled hard with no hesitation and proved their speed in pushing to score.

JV Boys
Janelle Jorgensen photo
The junior varsity game that followed was exhibition as the Pass didn’t have enough players. Fort Macleod sent over a couple of their own as the game simply allowed the younger boys to see the field and get a feel of the game. The Flyers have players from Fort Macleod and from Pincher Creek as well.

JV Boys
Janelle Jorgensen photo

“New team, new program,” said Panthers Coach Charles Clarke after the games. He explained that this is the second year for the senior varsity, and now the junior varsity boys and girls are up and running. “We’re getting better, we’re progressing.”

JV Panthers
C. Davis photo

When asked about how rugby has influenced the boys, Clarke stated “It's a team building sport. A lot of these kids don't play any other sports, and don't have the dynamic team-play. To get together with rugby, it takes 15 players to play the game. You can have a couple of great players, but they are nothing without the backup of the other 13 players.” 

Assistant coach Matt Peterson added “It boosts that confidence too, with a lot of kids that aren't used to that kind of contact all the time. You can really see them holding their heads up. It's good for them.”

Clarke went on to explain that any concerns of the kids, such as issues with depression or family, can all be left on the field. “Rugby gives them something else to focus on.”

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