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Citizens On Patrol thanks MD of Pincher Creek for support

Chris Davis

Lundbreck husband and wife dynamic duo George and Robyn Dowson appeared as a delegation before council for the MD of Pincher Creek at their meeting on April 22.

Robyn is the current President of Pincher Creek District Citizens on Patrol.*  George is a Director of Alberta Citizens on Patrol. Robyn was named Lundbreck Citizen of the Year 2014 recently. George was Lundbreck citizen of the year in 2007.

On this occasion they came to give thanks for the MD's contributions to Citizens On Patrol, and to explain the role of the organization to the new council. Town council and MD council contributed $1500 each towards the costs associated with Pincher Creek District Citizens On Patrol hosting the Alberta Citizens On Patrol COP workshop and AGM, to be held September 19 and 20, 2014. Approximately 150 people from all over Alberta are expected attend that event. The MD of Pincher Creek also donated 150 souvenir pins to be handed out at to AGM participants.

Pincher Creek District Citizens On Patrol has 50 members, and works in concert (pun unintended) with Pincher Creek RCMP Constable Doug Sokoloski, who was awarded the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association (ACOPA) 2013 Law Enforcement Outstanding Service award at ACOPA's Workshop and Annual General Meeting weekend held recently in Westlock.

"Some of the things we do: we go out on patrols, we do door checking in industrial areas, and downtown businesses," George Dowson told council. "We're kind of the eyes and ears of the community, Pincher, and district."

Pincher COP patrols in Pincher Creek and area, Twin Butte, Beaver Mines, Lundbreck, and Cowley. Volunteers can choose which area they'd like to patrol. "They can do what they want to do. Us guys from Lundbreck, if we just want to stick with Lundbreck and Cowley, we can do that," explained Robyn. She serves as their dispatcher. "It's worked out well, we have a really dedicated bunch."

Reeve Brian Hammond seemed intrigued by the idea that citizens can ask COP to keep an eye on their property when they're away for extended periods. "If you are going on extended holidays as a rural resident... (you can) get somebody to pop by during that time frame to see if it looks normal?" he asked. "Yes," said Robyn. She explained that both COP and the RCMP work together. For example, a COP member will take down the licence number and description of a vehicle "If it doesn't quite fit," said George.

"It can be pretty boring, where the odd cat or deer is the excitement of your night," said Robyn. COP believes in safety first, and if a member spots something suspicious they are to stay in their vehicle and contact dispatch. They are allowed to follow suspect vehicles, at legal speed limits, within safe driving practices. COP volunteers use their own vehicles. "Once the police go by us, our job is done," said Robyn.

MD CAO Wendy Kay clarified for council how Pincher Creek COP is funded. "Up until just recently it was mostly MD people that were involved in COP, so they weren't successful in getting funding through joint council. Last year they appeared before our council, and we gave them, I believe, $2,500. Wendy "They don't get funding elsewhere, and most of the funding provided is cleared for gas."

At the conclusion of the presentation Reeve Hammond was presented with a certificate of appreciation and was also invited to attend the ACOPA AGM.

ACOPA plans a blitz on distracted driving in the Pincher Creek area, coming very soon.

Pincher Creek District COP will also be assisting with the RCMP Musical Ride, scheduled to appear in Pincher Creek on Saturday, August 9 (click here for that story).

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* corrections made: the name of the organization was changed to Pincher Creek District Citizens on Patrol last year (with "District" added).

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