Monday, April 28, 2014

Kick start for Canyon Jump Rope for Heart fundraising campaign

Trish York lobs a football to the student with the right answer
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Canyon School held an assembly on Thursday, April 24 to kick off their Jump Rope for Heart fundraising campaign. Heart and Stroke Representative Trish York visited the students and explained  heart healthy practices.

Avery jumping, Dallas swinging the rope, while Darilyn looks on
York asked how many in the audience have had their lives affected by someone they know having a heart attack or stroke. Many of the students raised their their hands. She picked people out of the audience to answer questions, and tossed them toys that encourage activity as rewards for correct answers.

Darilyn, Melenie and Avery demo trick skipping
Students Dallas Hale, Avery Many Grey Horses, Darilyn Bruder, and Melanie Parker gave a demonstrations of different skipping rope techniques.

Avery watches, Dallas swings the rope, and Darilyn jumps
York explained that the three best things that you can do for your heart health is to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and not smoke. The students took a pledge to be 'Jumpcredible Kids' and follow these as lifelong practices.

"Since 1999, we have raised over $100,000 for heart and stroke research in Alberta," said Canyon teacher Sylvia Riedel. The students will be picking up their pledge packs that will include both the Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart fundraising drive. The students will be doing the challenge on May 9.

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