Thursday, April 17, 2014

SASG Executive and Sports chairs meet

SASG 2014 Executive and Sports Chairs
T. Lucas photo

Planning for the 45th Southern Alberta Summer Games (SASG), to take place in Pincher Creek from July 2 to July 5, is progressing. The Executive and Sports Chairs have been meeting to organize details so that Pincher Creek is showcased to its best potential.

 Over 4,500 people including athletes and their families from 13 regions are expected to come to Pincher Creek for the SASG.

On Wednesday, April 16 a meeting of the SASG Executive took place, with a myriad of details to be worked out. Currently the executive is discussing signage for the games, food solutions for the volunteers, host sites for various event related gatherings, partnerships and sponsors, and recognition for the many people responsible for making the event a success.

High banners over Main Street and low banners at the traffic circle were suggested, as well as renting an electronic sign to scroll information to the public. The event is going to require a high level of volunteer recruitment. If you are interested in volunteering, partnering, or donating to this event, contact the Pincher Creek Recreation Department at 403-627-4322.

Brian Wright – Chairman
John Verhagen-Sports & Facilities Chair
Kathy Verhagen-Volunteer Chair
Faith Zachar-Fundraising Chair
Japhia Epp-Medical Chair
Carrah Walter-Baseball Chair

Sport Chairs:
Brenda Shenton-Photography
Ken Poulson-Tennis
Fernando Rullan-Tennis
Rob Grier – 5/10k Run
Alec Chisholm-5/10K Run
Jacqui Bruns-Ball Hockey
Kim Jorgenson-Swimming
Chris Larson-Shooting Events
Dan & Dakota Kuftinoff-Shooting Events
Carole Goodreau-Beach Volleyball
Roger McAdam-Athletics

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