Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vandals dump signs, lawnmowers, and garbage bins into the Pincher Creek

Town employees fishing signs out of the Pincher Creek
Janet Jones photos

Chris Davis

Vandals dumped a number of real estate signs, lawnmowers, and garbage bins into the Pincher Creek (the creek) at the bridge on Beaver Drive at the west end of the town of Pincher Creek on Tuesday night, April 15.

"I got a phone call from one of my sellers on the south hill reporting that the for sale sign was missing," explained local realtor Janet Jones. "I took a drive to see if I could find it and discovered seven more signs gone. I then reported it to the RCMP who had got a call saying there were several signs in the creek. So my signs plus several others were dumped off the bridge on Beaver Drive along with a lawn mower and two garbage bins. Several signs were damaged. Not all signs have been retrieved. These signs cost $80 to $100 each, not to mention the time and effort we go to installing and securing them."

Janet Jones photos

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