Friday, April 25, 2014

Village of Glenwood responds to Saputo announcement of plant closure

Village of Glenwood press release

On March 26, Saputo announced its intention to close its Glenwood facility, which may occur sometime around the end of 2015. Glenwood Village Council and the Glenwood & District Economic Development Society have been contacting regional and provincial resources and researching ideas to minimize the impact of this announcement.

"As a village, we are very concerned about this development and the possible impact here and in the surrounding communities," says Mayor of Glenwood Jordon Koch . 

We are going to explore all options to minimize the effects of this decision on the employees, our local school, and area communities. We recognize business priorities change, yet remain positive about the continued potential of this plant for other possible uses.

"We are reaching out to Saputo in anticipation of setting up a meeting to discuss alternative options for the facility. The Saputo facility is the single largest employer in the Village of Glenwood and a significant contributor to our regional economy," says Mayor Koch.

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