Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wheels are turning on traffic and child safety at Canyon School

Al Roth, Jeff Perry, Phil McGale, and Sharon Roberts watching the road
T. Lucas photo
Toni Lucas

Four officials were out in front of  Pincher Creek's Canyon School on Thursday, April 24 gathering data during the end of school day. This is one of the busiest traffic times on the road with buses, parents picking up children, and children walking to cross the street. Town of Pincher Creek Operations Manager Al Roth, Pincher First Student Canada Manager Sharon Roberts (First Student is the busing company), and Livingstone Range School Division representatives Jeff Perry and Phil McGale were on site to see for themselves concerns that have been brought to their attention especially that of congestion.

"There is a whole number of issues for safety, and we are here to see what can be done to address them," said Roberts. "In the winter with snow, this area gets congested.  It can get bad." Roberts recognizes that there are parents, bus drivers, and young people crossing that may not be aware of street safety in a small area. She said she is happy that Canyon School will be holding a 'Street Smarts' program in the next few weeks.

"Making the kids aware of their surroundings, educating them, is just smart," said Roberts. She said that will serve them through the rest of their lives. "Kids may not understand how long it takes to stop."

As for congestion concerns, everything ran smoothly on this day.  "We do recognize that it is an issue," said Roberts who explained that they will be discussing options, and looking for solutions. There will be a presentation regarding this at the Council of the Whole on June 4.

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