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Alberta Crop Report May 20, 2014

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Crop conditions as of May 20, 2014

The recent cool weather conditions, including rain, frost and snow continued to hinder soil warming and delay seeding in some areas. Despite this, producers took advantage of a few warmer days and have made significant progress in seeding in the last two weeks, with more than 47 per cent of crops now seeded compared to two per cent a couple of weeks ago. This is still 16 per cent below the 5-year average. Seeding is most advanced in the Peace Region, with close to 55 per cent complete, followed by the North West Region (51 per cent), and the North East Region (47 per cent), as shown in Table 1*. Seeding is still significantly behind the 5-year average for the Central Region (46 per cent) and the South Region (45 per cent).

During the last two weeks, most areas of the province have received some precipitation. Provincially, surface soil moisture ratings continue to be favorable and are rated as four per cent fair, 49 per cent good, 44 per cent excellent, and three per cent excessive (see Table 2*). Sub-surface moisture is four per cent fair, 68 per cent good, 27 per cent excellent, and one per cent excessive.

Tame hay and pasture are showing good growth in most areas of the province. Provincially, pasture conditions and tame hay growth are reported as one per cent poor, 24 per cent fair, 64 per cent good, and 11 per cent excellent. Winterkill may result in the reseeding of some fall crops.

Warm and dry weather would certainly help seeding to progress and for crops to emerge.

Region One (Southern (Strathmore, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Foremost):

Even though the weather conditions during the last two weeks have been mainly cool, with some rain and snow, producers managed to progress with seeding. Overall, seeding is estimated at 45 per cent complete, compared to six per cent two weeks ago and the 5-year average of 75 per cent. Winterkill this year may result in the need for reseeding of some fall crops.

Due to several rain and snowstorms this spring, surface moisture conditions are rated as 91 per cent good to excellent, four per cent fair, and five per cent excessive. Producers would benefit from dry and warm weather.

Pasture conditions are mostly favourable and reported as three per cent poor, 30 per cent fair, 64 per cent good, and three per cent excellent. Similar ratings were reported for tame hay.

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