Thursday, May 22, 2014

Faith Zachar named 2013 Gary Hobson Volunteer of the Year

Faith Zachar receiving the Gary Hobson Volunteer of the Year award
Past President of Football Alberta Dr. Dan Syrotuik presenting
K. Zachar photo
Kerry Zachar and Toni Lucas

Faith Zachar was honoured last weekend by Football Alberta at the 25th Annual Senior Bowl (the all-star game for graduating players) in Edmonton, on the field at half-time at Commonwealth Stadium. She was presented with the 2013 Gary Hobson Volunteer of the Year Award.

The following bio was read to the appreciative crowd:

Football would not exist in Pincher Creek if it wasn’t for Faith Zachar. Starting in 1994, Faith and a small band of volunteers started the Pincher Creek high school football program and she has served as their General Manager/ President for the past 19 seasons. During that time she also spearheaded the creation of the Pincher Creek Mustang Bantam program in 1998 and two years later installed the Mustang PeeWee program. Faith pretty much covers the gamut of jobs for the team coordinating the promotion, recruiting, fundraising, travel arrangements and league responsibilities. In the wind swept foothills of Alberta, where you would least expect to find a football program, is one that is thriving on three different levels mainly due to the efforts of the 2013 Gary Hobson Volunteer of the Year - Faith Zachar.

"It's pretty humbling, I was not expecting it," said Zachar afterwards.

She was there at the beginning of the Mustangs two decades ago when "There were some boys that wanted to play football.  The parents got together and formed an association and got some grants and moved forward."

She's still there today, the prime mover and shaker for football in Pincher Creek.

 "Some of the kids that started with us are now coaching for us," she said, naming Jaimie Kiffiak, Dylan Stevens, and Alex Oliver.

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