Friday, May 2, 2014

Inappropriate use of MD garbage bins a concern

A recent sight at the MD's garbage bins
During the "Reports" section of the MD of Pincher Creek's April 22 council meeting Division 2 Councillor Fred Schoening expressed concern about the way the MD's garbage bins were being inappropriately used.  The bins were intended to be used only for the disposal of household waste by MD residents.

The bins are located on the MD's property in the Town of Pincher Creek near the new Administration building and the Public Works shop.

"I had a couple of calls from people in my division about the garbage bins," Schoening said.  "They were very disappointed that when they came, they were too full.  One of the biggest things, and this I agree with 100%, is there were concerns about not so much who was putting garbage in the MD bins, but what they were putting in the MD bins. It's an ongoing thing that we are going to have to look at in the future."

"Anybody that calls furnace parts, and dishwashers, and toilets just household garbage I think is probably pushing the limit."

"I think we have to express to people that that's not appropriate."

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