Monday, May 26, 2014

Lundbreck Gardeners Art in Bloom auction brings in green

Visiting at the Art In Bloom silent auction event
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

The Lundbreck Gardeners held their first 'Art in Bloom' silent auction in the Windsor Heritage Drop in Centre during a warm afternoon on Saturday, May 25. Altogether 23 artists donated 35 individual pieces to the auction and a number of the artists were in attendance, available to discuss their artworks. Refreshments were also available, making it a pleasant atmosphere for conversation and keeping an eye on your bids.

Original oil painting by Mannie Gonslaves
The artwork ranged in value from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The auction  included photographs, prints, paintings, sculpture, pottery, needlework, textile artwork, stained glass, and woodwork.

Agnes Thibert with photo book
"We are celebrating the work that the people in this area do," said Agnes Thibert who donated a book of her photography to the auction. "I just did the book, I have taken the photos over the last three to five years."

McKim with her sketch of  'Breeze'.

Lennie McKim donated a sketch she had done of her yearling quarter horse. She said she loves the energy and spirit that the yearling named 'Breezin' Thu Autumn' exhibits.

Ozar with self framed needlework
Betty Ozar donated a needlework illustration that she made in 1996. "I think that it is becoming a lost art," she said of many of the needlework arts, including cross stitch and petite-point.

Tooled leather bound sketch book
came with an art lesson courtesy of Barbara Amos
"I am really thrilled by all the support of the artists," said the Lundbreck Gardeners President Monica Zwikstra.

Form and function:  Flowerpot by Dirk Mersman

Between the auction, donations, and after expenses, Club Treasurer Robyn Dowson was delighted to report the event made a total of $1,326.22.  The Lundbreck Gardeners Club is taking on two new projects this year.  They are establishing a western themed garden across the road from  the garden they created last year at the entrance of Lundbreck, and are planning to install a planter box against the west wall of Community Centre, in addition to maintaining the garden and barrels they created last year.  The money raised by the auction will be used in these endeavors.

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