Sunday, May 25, 2014

Town of Pincher Creek commits funding towards new Crestview Lodge facility

C. Davis

According to a letter sent from Town of Pincher Creek CAO Laurie Wilgosh to the council for the MD of Pincher Creek, "Council for The Town of Pincher Creek passed the following resolutions at the April 28, 2014 regular Council Meeting;"
"That Council for the Town of Pincher Creek authorizes a commitment of up to one million three hundred thousand ($1,300,000) towards the construction of a new Crestview Lodge facility based on the estimated total cost of thirteen million ($13,000,000) and a minimum of seventy five percent (75%) provincial and/or federal funding, and providing that the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No.9 make a similar commitment and that any additional cost overages be funded by Pincher Creek Foundation form their own capital reserves and borrowing, if required."
Council for the Town of Pincher Creek discussed the matter in-camera as a Legal matter at their April 28 meeting before passing a motion by councillor Adrian Hartman, resolving as above.  At their May 13 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek received the letter as information.

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