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2014 Pincher Creek Relay For Life raises over $39,000

2014 Pincher Creek Relay For Life organizing team
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

"For 75 years the Canadian Cancer Society has been with Canadians in the fight for life.  Together, we have always been and continue to be, relentless in our commitment to change cancer forever.  Cancer affects all of us in some way, be it a personal diagnosis, or that of a loved one."  Those were the words of organizer Karen Andrew prior to the final silent lap of the 2014 Pincher Creek Relay For Life, which was held at the Pincher Creek and District Agricultural Society Grounds on June 21 from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

"That's why we are so pleased to see such an amazing group of people here tonight rallying together to fight  back," Andrew continued.  "Now it is time to reflect together on the impact that cancer has had on each of our lives.  The Remembrance Ceremony is one of hope, and remembrance.  It's an opportunity for all of us to remember why we are here at relay.  It's a time for us to reflect on how this disease has touched each of us personally,  it is time for us to look inside ourselves with quiet reflection, and to find hope."

Big Girls Panty Club

Crusty's Crew

As the sun declined, lit luminaries lined the track.  "Each one represents a treasured relationship," explained Andrew.  "They represent a person, each with a name, and a story to tell.  They are our grandparents, our mothers, our fathers, our sister, our brothers, our sons, our daughters, our friends and our loved ones.  They are the people who give us the reason to fight  against cancer.  They represent our dream of a future where children do not fear the word cancer.  These luminaries represent the people we love."  

Concession provide by the Pincher/Crowsnest Landfill's Community Kitchen
Staffed by Pincher and Cowley Lions

Cowley Lion Earl Johnson in the kitchen

"Tonight, and every day that follows we will remember them, celebrate their lives, and fight back against this disease on their behalf."

"Earlier today we celebrated all of our survivors during the survivors victory lap.  Being given the gift of more time to share with our loved ones is reason to celebrate.  Although we cannot see the ones that we have lost, we can feel them in our hearts.  We know that they are here with us tonight.  Please join us in our lap of remembrance.  With each step let us remember our wonderful memories of those that we have lost.  There is still hope.  This hope is what gives us reason to keep walking forward in our fight against cancer."

Mountain Radio's Krystina Kretschmer and Courtney Potts

Relay For Life is an annual Canadian Cancer Society initiative to save lives and support those who are facing cancer. Relay participants make a commitment to raise at least $100. Monies raised go towards cancer research, education initiatives, and compassionate services.  Thousands of teams (10 to 15 people) participate in hundreds of Canadian communities.

Dastardly Dusty Dee Litchfield sold his guns for this old guitar
In Pincher Creek the twelve hour event featured a number of musical artists, and was interspersed with announcements and short speeches.  Performers included Alexandra Morgan, Tokomoe, Dusty Litchfield, Alyssa Barbero, Brian and Eve Delinte, Doug Rawlings, and the Schoening Band led by the irrepressible Adam Schoening.  Highland dancer Jayden Panchyshyn delivered an entertaining set.  Mountain Radio personalities Courtney Potts and Krystina Kretschmer livened up the afternoon.  Pincher Creek resident John Hancock won an award as oldest participant.


Team Get 'er Done won a prize for Best Dressed Team and Best Decorated Camp Site.  Big Girls Panty Club got a nod for raising $6,012.  Crusty's Crew raised the most of any team, $6,066.  "Every team on average raised about $3,900," said organizer Scott Patterson.  "That's a huge mark for this town."  The event raised over $39,000 for cancer research.  Last year's Relay For Life raised $46.5 million.  Numbers aren't in yet for this year.
Alyssa Barbero
This was the first time Pincher Creek has held this event, and over 300 people participated.  In the past, locals who wanted to participate in Relay For Life usually joined the Lethbridge event.  

It's not to late to contribute and help the Pincher Creek Relay For Life team reach their goal of $40,000.  Click here for more information.

John Hancock gets a hug
Schoening Band

 Jayden Panchyshyn
This deer stood on the ridge north of the event, evidently listening to the Schoening Band
(Thanks for the tip, John Hancock!)

Photos and video C. Davis

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