Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crestview Lodge a step closer to a new building

Toni Lucas - During the regular meeting of Pincher Creek's Town Council on the evening of June 24 Councillor Doug Thornton said that the architect working for the Pincher Creek Foundation has prepared a document to present to the Alberta Government toward the rebuilding of Crestview Lodge. According to Thornton the complete funding application with building plans for the Crestview Lodge building project have been submitted to the province of Alberta for funding consideration.

"Thursday morning he was across the desk from the Seniors Finance that will be making the decision recommendations to the minister," said Thornton.  "It's a wonderful thing, the very, very early plans for the Lodge are in there."

According to Thornton the architect thinks that approval may happen as early as fall, with construction beginning in the spring. "This project is not a reconditioning of the existing Crestview Lodge, it is to completely replace it."

The plan is to construct the new facility on the present property with the residents staying in the current facility until the new facility is completed, and then the area where the current facility can be turned into parking area. The plan for the new building includes the possibility of expansion in the future. Thornton said that the architect said to him 'I can tell you that many communities have asked for this amount of funding, 100% paid by the province of Alberta. I can tell you that those applications are on the bottom of the pile. As soon as I have communities that are prepared to put up to 25% of their own money into the project, they are on the top of the pile.'    "And we are putting up 25%," Thornton added.  "That's good news. I feel very optimistic about this."

Town Council passed a resolution on April 28, 2014 committing the Town to funding of the Crestview Lodge building project up to a maximum of 1.3 million dollars, based on a total estimated project cost of 13 million dollars.  This funding from the town is dependent upon 75% provincial government funding and a contribution from the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 of a similar amount.


  1. Anonymous25/6/14

    Yahoo for Crestview and our area!

  2. $1.3M is 10% of $13M. If the MD provides an additional $1.3M, that's $2.6M, 20% of $13M. How is the quote "And we are putting up 25%" credible?


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