Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grade 2 Canyon Students visit MD of Pincher Creek council meeting

Reeve Brian Hammond answering questions from students
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

The MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 council room viewers gallery was full when Canyon School grade 2 students visited just before the beginning of council's regular meeting this afternoon, Tuesday June 24.  Councillor Fred Schoening had the opportunity to briefly visit with his granddaughter Madeline Schoening, who is a member of the grade 2 class. During their field trip the students visited Heritage Acres, went swimming, visited MD council, and toured the new MD building.

Madeline with Councillor Grandpa Fred
During their visit some of the children asked Reeve Brian Hammond a number of insightful questions.  Some of the questions and excerpts from some of the answers follow:

Is it hard working here?

Reeve Hammond said that they would have to ask the people that work there, to huge laughs. He explained that there is staff that works for the MD, and the council members are not there all the time.

Is it fun?

"You know, it's like any job, some days it's fun, and some days you think you should have stayed home."

How much do you make?

The Reeve explained that councillors are paid for the meetings that they attend and for some of their mileage expenses.

What kind of work do you do?

"They call us decision makers and policy makers," answered Reeve Hammond. He explained a little bit about how council has issues brought to them and that they try to follow an order of procedures in their decision making.

Reeve Hammond explained  how the Municipal District of Pincher Creek takes care of roads that are not provincially controlled highways in the area. "We do a ton of other things, too, but the roads are what people are most familiar with. They use them on a daily basis."

What happens if you get into trouble?

"As elected people, we have to be responsible to the people who sent us here. If we're not, I guess ultimately they will say 'Sorry, you don't have a job anymore.' Hammond then explained how the voting process works.

'Do you get days off?, 'How many people work here?' and 'Why is there a picture of the Queen, and flags?' were just a few of the other questions. After the short question and answer period the students took a tour of the building and then, according to Councillor Fred Schoening, they went swimming. The councillors expressed appreciation of the visit from so many young people, even if it was only for a few minutes.

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