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Music For Young Children gets Bach at recital

Sunrise class
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 Music For Young Children (MYC) students held their year end recital last month at Pincher Creek's Foothills Community Church, at which Bach (ably portrayed by Murray Pura) made a special appearance, interacting with guest pianist Mathias Gelber.

Mathias meets Bach
MYC instructor Carrie Cooley said she  adapted and paraphrased the Bach skit from 'Bach Comes to Call', from the Classical Kids CD series.

"My intention with having 'Bach' visit the recital was to instill the idea that the music we play all comes from someone's mind and heart," Cooley explained. "We tend to think of music created by live people as "cool", while the music from the past is 'boring', old and technical. However, if we try to learn as much as we can about the composer whose music we are playing (alive or dead) we have an insight into why they composed and why their music sounds like it does. We then have a better connection to it. It is easier to get involved with (or practice) with someone with whom we have a connection of some sort. It makes practicing the stuff a lot more interesting. That's what I've learned as a musician. I thought a skit might help communicate that idea to the students."

"Murray has had experience with the theatre, and he was gracious enough to lend us his time and talent to this little project," Cooley continued. "Mathias Gelber is an MYC graduate, is currently a grade 5 piano student with Ann Nichols, and just finished grade 6 in shcool. He is a talented and well-rounded student of many disciplines including math, science, athletics, acting and music. Both he and Murray worked really well together. It was such a pleasure for me that they agreed to do this skit. It was an excellent way to both teach and entertain the MYC student's and their families."

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