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Pincher Creek Emergency Services holds 2014 Awards banquet

Dave Cox gives Deputy Chief Pat Neumann his 12 year award
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) held their annual awards banquet at the Pincher Creek Legion on Friday evening, June 27.  PCES includes first responders from Pincher Creek, Lundbreck, and Beaver Mines. A telling sign of the dedication required was that during the ceremonies there were two calls, and members excused themselves and left to respond.   "We are very much a community based operation," said  PCES David Cox who thanked all the members for their dedication and service.  Cox thanked all the service members families, recognizing that without family support the job becomes more difficult.

"Training is an essential part of our business," Cox remarked on the intense level of training that the members go through, both at beginning and throughout their careers. Some of the many people Cox thanked included the community for their continual support through funding and by businesses that allow staff who are responders to leave work when called to situations. He recognized the many agencies that they work in conjunction with to deliver the best possible care during emergency situations.  He was also thankful for governmental support from local councils and at the provincial and federal levels.

Cox shared a number of statistics for the year.  The combined departments:
  • Logged 28,000 hours including 25,500 hours of ambulance service and 2,500 hours of fire and rescue service.
  • Responded to 1204 ambulance calls including transfers and emergencies
  • Responded to 120 fire and/or rescue calls from Pincher Creek
  • Responded to 20 calls from Lundbreck
  • Responded to 56 calls from Beaver Mines
During the previous year:
  • Pincher Creek Community Emergency Management Agency (PCCEMA)  was requested  to assist during High River flooding. Pincher Creek Emergency Services sent David Cox and Dawn Heerschap.  PCCEMA responded with Brett Wuth and Doug French.
  • Deputy Chief Pat Neumann was added to the full time staff.
  • PCES signed a 5 year contract for ambulance delivery.

New Officer Appointments 
Lieutenant Joey McLeod 
Lieutenant Dawn Heerschap

New officer Dawn Heerschap

Service Awards

10 Year
Robert Frost - EMR, Firefighter
Michelle Stuart - EMT, Firefighter
Lynn Brasnett - Lieutenant, EMT
Hawkin Everts - EMR, Firefighter

Dave Cox presents 10 year service award to Michelle Stuart 
Dave Cox presents 10 year service award to Robert Frost 
Dave Cox presents 10 year service award to Hawkin Everts
Sariah Brasnett accepts 10 year award on behalf of Lynn Brasnett

12 Year
Pat Neumann - EMT, Deputy Fire Chief
Dave Cox - Chief

Pat Neumann presents Dave Cox with his award

On Call - Honourable Mentions
Pat Neumann, Alyssa Scherer, Nichole Boissoneault, Lynn Brasnett, Michelle Stuart, Mike Swystun, Michael Whittington, and Steven Oczkowski.

Special thanks were given to EMR/Firefighter Sheri Monk by Deputy Chief Ambulance Marg Cox. "As part of our contract, Fire and EMS inclusive have to become accredited with Accreditation Canada," explained Marg. "We want to do this right, we don't just want to get accredited, we want to do it right for the department." Part of that process has been to create a survey to determine a list of what this departments values are. The list includes Honour, Professionalism, Teamwork, Respect, Honesty, Community, and Family. Monk played an important part of the process of compiling this information and is working to get the department accredited.
Marg Cox presents award and gift to Jennifer Fisher-Sundberg

A new annual award has been created for Exemplary Service. Deputy Chief Ambulance Marg Cox had the honour of awarding the plaque to the very first recipient, Captain Jennifer Fisher-Sundberg, who was visibly touched to receive the distinction.

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