Sunday, June 29, 2014

Request to park fifth wheel at Pincher Creek Golf Course denied

Toni Lucas

During the regular meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council held on Monday, June 23 council reviewed a request by Golf Course restaurant Manager Joni MacArthur, who came to council on Monday, June 9 to ask for an allowance for her to either park her fifth wheel at the golf course, or to have reduced camping fees and waive the need for her to move every 14 days at the local Pincher Creek Memorial Campground.

Some veteran councillors did say that requests of campground use at a reduced cost and/or not having to move spots is a request that has come before council previously.  Councillor Wayne Elliott expressed concern that if they make an allowance for one person that they will set a precedent, putting the Town in the situation of unfair competition with local privately owned campgrounds.  The Memorial Campground does cost less than local campgrounds but offers a more limited range of facilities and has a 14 day restriction.

Regarding the bylaw, council members discussed that if it was changed for MacArthur it would be changed for everyone and people could then park at and reside at places of business.  Council talked about the amount of time it takes to change a bylaw and it was said that by the time the bylaw could be changed the golf season would be almost at an end.

Council denied both of MacArthur's requests.

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