Saturday, June 28, 2014

SASG volunteer Dennis Zalasky wins new hoodie from Crow Signs

Doug Paton with winner Dennis Zalasky
T. Lucas photos

Toni Lucas
Crow Signs and Embroidery in the Ranchland Mall in Pincher Creek donated hundreds of volunteer t-shirts to the Town for the Southern Alberta Summer Games (SASG), the idea being that volunteers would be easy to see and be identified, and have a great memento of the games. Of the hundreds of shirts they made one came out with a big mistake, it was printed upside down. The owner of Crow Signs, Doug Paton, admits that he was the one that made the mistake, and everyone else in the shop teased him about it. Rather than toss it out and just replace it, Paton decided that he had a lemon and it was time to make lemonade, and have some fun in the process.

Paton let the Recreation Department of the Town of Pincher Creek know he would put the t-shirt in randomly with the rest, and whoever picked up the shirt would get a replacement t-shirt. They would also have their choice of other souvenir apparel created for the games, which includes several different styles of hats, shirts and hoodies that bear the SASG logo, for free.

Along came Dennis Zalasky. During the SASG volunteer barbecue Zalasky picked up the shirt as part of his volunteer package. Zalasky is volunteering at the games for 10 and 5 km runs, and for soccer. He says he never noticed the shirt at the barbecue, and only found the misprint shirt after he got home. He laughed and said, "Hey, I can read it," looking down at the front of the shirt while modelling it at Crow Signs. Zalasky choose to keep the misprint as well as the replacement shirt. "This shirt is a special remembrance of the games," he said, and chose a hoodie as his prize.

"He is a great guy, and had a great sense of humour about the whole thing," said Paton about Zalasky. Paton was delighted to meet one of the many volunteers that are going to be helping with the games. It is nice to see that there are already two good sports taking part in the 2014 games, and we look forward to seeing more as the games progress.

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