Thursday, July 31, 2014

GGY kids given lawn care demonstration

Justine Jorgensen

On Wednesday July 30 Group Group Youth (GGY) was given a demonstration by Karen Smith from Co-op. Lynne  Teneycke, GGY Executive Director, explained, "[The purpose was] to help teach kids about lawn equipment use and maintenance." Smith showed the kids how to properly use lawn mowers and weed whippers, covering points like the cleaning of blades, how to fill up with gas, and what to do in an emergency.

GGY runs a program called Youth Employment Services; businesses as well as individuals can call in if they have a job for a youth. Teneycke explained that there are many requests for lawn care, weeding, weed whipping and mowing.

Co-op's Karen Smith
The lawn care presentation is one of many presentations and workshops provided by the centre. Upcoming on August 9 is a barbeque at Co-op -  an entrepreneurial project. Teneycke explained that the kids half organize it, decide on supplies, keep an eye on cost because they get to split the profit in the end. "It's a good chance for them to learn a little bit about beginning businesses and money."

There is also a scheduled Pet Care Workshop on August 12 at the Pincher Creek Veterinary Clinic, set for 11:00 AM. "The kids usually love the one at the clinic," said Teneycke. "One year they were afraid the kids were going to be afraid of the sight of blood so they actually operated on a big teddy. Cut open the big teddy, stitched him up - the kids were all watching it."

Other events without a set date are a car wash (another entrepreneurial opportunity) as well as a workshop focusing on resume writing and preparation for job interview, which should happen sometime in the next two or three weeks. There is also a photography workshop that is on-going, a project for the whole year.

All workshops, presentations and events are open to the public; however some, like the Pet Care Workshop, have restrictions on the number of participants. In order to sigh up for events, GGY can be reached by phone at 403-904-0010. They also have a new website at

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