Thursday, July 31, 2014

Local Mustangs participate in Alberta Summer Games

Sunny South vs North East game at Alberta Summer Games - Austin Bruder is #68 (black jersey)
J. Jorgensen photo
Justine Jorgensen

Pincher Creek's Austin Bruder has recently returned from the Alberta Summer Games in Airdrie. He, along with fellow Mustang player Tyler Riviere, was part of the Sunny South (Zone 1) Football team that took fifth place out of eight in the games.

Austin Bruder and Tyler Riviere
Charleen Bruder photo
Both Austin and Tyler have played in two other competitions this summer: the Southern Alberta Minor Football Association (SAMFA) All-Star's game and Alberta and BC's annual Border Bowl. Now they have the chance to be a part of another, if they make the Canadian team. "They choose the best of the [Alberta] Summer Games teams," Austin explained. There were scouts at the games that would have selected the top players from the eight zones - this team will travel to Texas to compete in Internationals. The team has yet to be announced; when asked how he would feel if he made it, Austin responded simply with "Honoured."

Sunny South vs North East with #34 Tyler Riviere
J. Jorgensen photo
Austin has been playing since he was seven. In fact, he did not like football at all when he started; he was much younger than the others and this proved difficult. Charleen Bruder, Austin's mother, explained (with a smile) that he cried the first year, refused to come the second year and that she payed him the third year. "Fourth year he was dragging me, and he's been dragging me ever since." She went on to say, "It's brought his confidence, team spirit... I wouldn't change a thing. I think it's phenomenal, the change he's had since he was little."

Sunny South
Charleen Bruder photo
Austin indicated that he is looking forward to the upcoming couple of school seasons - his senior years. Both he and Tyler will be entering grade 10, and a bigger team than last year. After high school, he also hopes to continue with the game. With no preference for which school he'd like to attend, he said he'd go "Anywhere. Just play football."

Sunny South vs Edmonton
Charleen Bruder photo
Austin loves the sport. "It's just the thing I've been doing for a long time. Maybe it's now a part of me." His advice to any kid thinking about joining football is: "Do it."

Austin and Tyler
Charleen Bruder photo
Sunny South vs North East - J. Jorgensen photos:

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