Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ranchland Express appreciated by passengers

First shuttle driver Miles Steiger

  • To register for the Ranchland Express call Sharon Roberts at  403-627-3060.

The Ranchland Express had an inaugural run on Thursday, July 24. The shuttle bus runs in the town of Pincher Creek on Thursdays. This service picks people up at their homes, takes them to the Ranchland Mall for a pre-arranged time, then back to their door. First Student Driver Miles Steiger is easy going, and said that he was willing to help people get their groceries from the bus to their door.

Passengers Andress Warren and Joyce McFarland
get cards from Sharon Roberts
First Student Location Manager Sharon Roberts says that this project is open to some fine tuning over time. Some of the changes that she and Co-op General Manager David Crowell have been looking into is if the demand is there, arranging for a larger bus for more passengers, or an additional day. Crowell took the route last Wednesday and met with the people who are using the service to get their input about the service.

"When we need you is when it is miserable," said Joyce McFarland. Joyce does drive, but likes that she does have an alternative, especially when she goes shopping with friends. She said that she likes to shop at Co-op and is delighted that this service is in place. "This Co-op has always been good to me," said McFarland. A few other comments from other passengers included that it will save them walking with groceries, cab fair, and one woman said that she felt it was an awesome service. Some of the passengers expressed that it showed Co-op's care and commitment to the community. 


This service is offered free to people within the town of Pincher Creek on Thursdays. You can reserve a seat long term, or just have a one time pick up if you have given a minimum 24 hour notice. To arrange for the service contact Sharon Roberts at 403-627-3060.

Crowell gave everyone who used the shuttle bus for the first time a reusable shopping bag, and said that he was taking all the information for consideration.

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