Sunday, August 31, 2014

Policing in Alberta to August 31, 2014

Missing Red Deer teen FOUND
Early morning shooting in Lethbridge
Large amount of $ seized from Lethbridge dealer
Fatal MVC northwest of Beaverlodge
Fatal MVC in Sylvan Lake
MVC near Didsbury
Impaired charges for man with 6 children in van
Bear sighting in High River
Man arrested on Canada-wide warrants
Next generation "Cop" meets current one
Trafficking charges laid in Peace Region
Accident east of Strathmore closes Hwy 1
Vehicle thieves sought by RCMP
Right place, right time
Homicide charges in Edmonton
Car vs cyclist hit and run in Edmonton

Drug and violence complaints shutter Edmonton pub

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Justine has left the building

Justine Jorgensen

Working at the Pincher Creek Voice this summer has been my first ever "real" job. Well, that's not entirely true - last year I did work one day at a greenhouse; unfortunately, a few days later I sustained a rugby injury, thus terminating my ability to be of any use to my employer. So I'm not sure if that counts.

It has been a great experience working as a reporter these past two months. When I showed up on the first day, I spent maybe ten minutes in the office as Toni explained my job, then I was sent out for my first story, on July 1. I have to admit, I might have been a bit flustered amid the Canada Day bustle. Nonetheless, I snapped pictures, took notes, and interviewed strangers, all in all discovering it wasn't as difficult and terrifying as I expected. When I returned to the office at the end of the day, Toni remarked cheerfully, "So you haven't run screaming yet!"

Canyon School Daycare opens September 2

Lynn Lievers with her son Kash signing up for daycare
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Canyon School is opening the Canyon School Daycare facilities on September 2, under the management of  Director Catherine Oczkowski. They held an open house for parents and children to visit on Wednesday, August 27. People were welcomed into a  room was bright and well appointed with toys and supplies.

Kash and Stran playing while mom gets more information

Policing in Alberta to August 28, 2014

Investigation into James Lee's disappearance continues
Fort McMurray flasher sought by police
Airdrie B&E suspect sought by police
Unique gold ring found in Red Deer
Please drive safely this weekend
Retired Chief Judge Gail Vickery passes away
Back to school safety reminders
Man arrested for Fox Lake homicide
Chainsaw theft near Girouxville
Free the Fuzz Red Deer raises more than $21,000
Danny soon to be returning to work
MVC on Highway 1 at Redcliff
Firearm found near McLennan
1,100 vehicles checked at Calgary landfills
Man charged in Farah shooting
Nighttime break-ins in Calgary
New elementary school zone speed limits in Edmonton

Notes from August 25, 2014 meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council

Land Use Bylaw amendments: Bylaw 1547 T, U, and V
Budgets approved for aesthetic improvement 
Signing authority assigned to positions, rather than people
AUMA planning discussed
Related stories:
Toni Lucas

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on the evening of August 25, 2014. In attendance were Mayor Don Anderberg and Councillors Adrian Hartman, Wayne Elliott, Mark Barber, Tammy Rubbelke, Lorne Jackson, and Doug Thornton. CAO Laurie Wilgosh and Oldman River Regional Services Commission Planner Ryan Dyck were also in attendance.

Marshmallow roast held at Crestview Lodge

Justine Jorgensen

On Thursday August 28, nine residents from Vista Village travelled to Crestview Lodge to join in a marshmallow roast. The group lounged in chairs and basked in the sun behind the main building at Tranquility Park while a fire was lit and drinks were handed out. "We try to get out as often as we can but this is the first time we've had Vista Village," explained Crestview Lodge Activity Coordinator Charmaine Tienkamp. Both Tienkamp and Jennifer Crook, the organizer from Vista Village, helped roast the marshmallows and make s'mores.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beaver Mines residents propose a community pathway

Toni Lucas

A delegation of citizens from the Hamlet of Beaver Mines appeared before the council for the MD of Pincher Creek on Tuesday August 26 regarding the possible development of a pathway system in Beaver Mines. Several that made a presentation in favour of the idea, and one citizen, Mike Lynch,  was opposed. Those that spoke in favour expressed concerns about people walking, jogging, or cycling along the highway and having a safe area for children to navigate the hamlet was also a stated priority.

Byelection for new Cowley councillor to be held September 22 (updated)

Linda Findlater resigned her position as Mayor and Councillor for the Village of Cowley effective July 7, 2014.

The Village of Cowley held a Nomination Day on Monday, August 25, 2014. Nominations for the election of candidates for the position of Councillor were received at the Village of Cowley Office.   A byelection has been scheduled for September 22, 2014.  The candidates are:
  • Mary Kittlaus
  • Warren Mickels
  • Doug Paton
  • Florence Williams
Voting will take place on Monday, September 22, 2014 between the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00 pm at the Cowley & District Community Hall, 122 Cameron Street, Cowley, Alberta

Advance voting will take place on Monday, September 15, 2014 between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm at the Village of Cowley Office, 518 Railway Avenue, Cowley, Alberta.

In order to vote you must produce identification:  photo ID and/or documentation with your name and address.

Policing in Alberta to August 27, 2014

Grande Prairie/Hythe fraudster sought
Copper wire theft in Grande Prairie
Pilot dies in amateur-built plane crash
Pedestrian fatality on Highway 2 near Balzac
LRPS investigates motorcycle collision
Armed Robbery at Mac’s in Airdrie
Multiple vehicle thefts in Airdrie
Do you know what you are taking?
Charges laid in Red Deer stabbing
Wood Buffalo traffic report
Update re weekend shooting in Calgary
Calgary car prowling suspects nabbed
Witnesses to incident in downtown Edmonton sought

Washed out road a concern for Twin Butte area landowner

Toni Lucas

Tony Bruder of Twin Butte Simmentals appeared before MD Council on Tuesday, August 26 to talk about the bridge washouts on Township road 29-2, and landslides below MD Township Road 29-2A by Yarrow Creek. He additionally brought before council concerns about the condition of MD Township Road 4-1A and MD Range Road 29-3, all south of Highway 505. His first comments were about the road washed out by the bridge. "This is a very heavily used road, and it has been out since the 28th of June flood. We are wondering when that repair will begin." Next Bruder discussed the washouts on 29-2A. "Obviously, if the bridge is out to the north of us, and washouts to the road to the south of us, we are very concerned how we are going to be able to get in and out of our place."

One of his concerns was about school busing. He said that Township Road 4-1 was poorly constructed for transit to the Gulf Plant in the area in the 1950s, which was demolished in 2006 after ceasing operations in the early 1980s. "It is an extreme drift hazard, as well as too narrow for MD standards," Bruder said.

Dead end bridge on Township Road 29-2

Honey harvest time at Ewelme Colony

Ewelme apiarist Phillip Walter
Chris Davis

Ewelme Hutterite Colony occupies a pretty piece of Alberta prairie next to the Waterton river north of Glenwood.  Equidistant to it are the towns of Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod.  The village of Glenwood just down the road to the south.  I visited during the final honey harvest of the year, earlier this month.

Ewelme was established in 1927 as an offshoot of the East Cardston Hutterite Bruderhof (founded in 1918), and is home to 87 people.  "We have branched off three times already," explained Ewelme apiarist Phillip Walter, when asked about the construction and beautification efforts evident at the colony.  "Things are looking up."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When to swath canola

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Agri-News

When it comes time to decide whether canola is ready to swath, it’s key that growers crack pods open and look for seed colour change before making the final decision.

“We’ve got a really wide variation in how much colour change might take place on the plant on the outside as opposed to what might be happening to the seeds on the inside,” says Keith Gabert, agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada. “The key is the seed colour change on the inside of the pod.”

St. Albert teen survives cougar attack in Waterton Park

wikimedia commons
According to a report by the Canadian Press, Mykaela Belter, 17, of St. Albert had a close call on a trail in Waterton Lakes National Park after being grabbed by a cougar.  Her father yelled at the cougar, scaring it away, and she received some scratches. According to the Canadian Press report,  Resource Conservation Manager Dennis Madsen said the cougar was subsequently shot and killed by wildlife officers.

Click here for the full Canadian Press story, as published by

Proposed Turcott/Bank of Commerce addition to KBPV discussed again at Town Council meeting

Justine Jorgensen

The Pincher Creek and District Historical Society (PCDHS) has been planning to add the 110 year-old Turcott/Bank of Commerce building to the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) collection. The first proposed location was received with much displeasure from some of those who live close to the museum, who indicated their position at a Town Council meeting held July 28, 2014. A new location was suggested. PCDHS President Colleen Cyr attended a later Town Council meeting on Monday August 25 to reveal the response of many of the public on the new site.

Trevor Birkmann talks business with Town Council

Justine Jorgensen

On Monday August 26, citizen Trevor Birkmann appeared before Pincher Creek's Town Council as a delegation in order to discuss business in Pincher Creek. Birkmann is a former member of Council.  He said he recently he toured the town and became aware of a growing issue. "I noticed... changes in the business atmosphere in Pincher Creek," he explained. "I want to highlight a couple of those changes and give you maybe an idea that I have of where I think maybe we're missing the advantage here." Birkmann mentioned noticing businesses pulling out of town, and wondered about plans to stop future closures. "What is the town's plan going forward?"

One recent loss of a business Birkmann referenced is that of Sobeys, which closed its doors this summer. "I realize it's not the Council's responsibility- no one could stop Sobeys from going the direction it went. But it's a big empty building on our Main Street. We got several." He proposed the Council reach out to discover a solution. "We have tons of different committees," he said. "Where's the business committee? Where's the committee that says, 'Hey put the brakes on, folks.' It's time to go to meet the business owners that pay license in this town and do some kind of a statistic study and say 'Are you growing? Are you slowing? And what can we do to help?'."

Missing Grande Prairie teen FOUND

Update: Grande Prairie RCMP would like to advise that Jesse Fawcett was located on August 27, 2014. Fawcett is healthy and safe. Police would like to thank the media and public for their assistance.

Practice good cereal grain storage techniques

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Agri-News
An Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development specialist says proper storage techniques are a must to maintain the quality of stored grain.  Producers that are harvesting their crops typically manage the grain by hauling directly to a grain buyer or putting the product into storage on the farm. If cereal grain is stored on the farm it is important to maintain the quality of the grain.

“The temperature and moisture content of the grain are two important factors that influence the length of time grain can be stored without a change in quality,” says Mark Cutts, crop specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Stettler. “In general, as grain temperature and moisture content increase, the allowable storage time decreases.”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Pincher Creek (updated)

Co-op GM David Crowell takes the challenge
T. Lucas photo
Whispering Winds Community Manager Eileen Woolf
J. Jorgensen photo

Justine Jorgensen and Toni Lucas

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has hit Pincher Creek. On Monday August 25, Pincher Creek Co-op's General Manager David Crowell participated - he was nominated by his sister Jackie Knickle from Nova Scotia and in turn nominated three others: Robert Yankee, Nicki Schoening, and Doug Paton. This challenge has been sweeping social media as of late - many celebrities have even joined in. The goal is to raise money and awareness for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

On Tuesday August 26, residents at Whispering Winds also participated in the challenge, responding to their nomination by Golden Life Management. "It was good to have the residents involved," said Community Manager Eileen Woolf with a smile, as ice water dripped from her hair. Woolf did the challenge twice, as she was nominated a second time.

C&D Floral's Nicki Schoening's turn
T. Lucas photo
Update, August 28, 2014: On Wednesday, August 27, Nicki Schoening, the owner of C and D Floral Boutique accepted the challenge from David Crowell.  Schoening let her staff have the honour of dousing her.  "I told them 'This is your one time offer, do you want to dump a bucket of ice water on me?' Go figure, they all wanted to do it."  Linda Besler, Maureen Akitt, and Tammy Rubbelke each had a bucket to to pour.  Schoening took it in stride, declaring 'Refreshing'! as the ice water dripped off of her.

The staff showed their compassionate nature by presenting Schoening with flowers after her challenge.  She did not chose three people to nominate in the challenge, but instead offered that if anyone wishes to take her nomination to keep things moving forward she is more than agreeable.

Western Winter Wheat Initiative

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Agri-News

A new group aims to offer information and support to winter wheat growers.

“The Western Winter Wheat Initiative is a collaboration among Bayer Crop Science, Richardson International, and Ducks Unlimited,” says Janine Paly, agronomist, Ducks Unlimited. “The purpose of this initiative is to build awareness and credibility of winter wheat as a highly productive crop option for western Canadian farmers.”

Winter Wheat tips

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Agri-News

“Winter cereal crops, including winter wheat, fall rye and winter triticale, are excellent for inclusion in a crop rotation,” says Mark Cutts, crop specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Stettler. “Winter wheat should be direct-seeded by early September, depending on the area of the province, and is usually harvested several weeks earlier than spring wheat the next year.”

Policing in Alberta to August 26, 2014

Missing Red Deer teen FOUND
Missing Red Deer man Duncan Lagrelle FOUND
4th person sought in downtown Calgary shooting
Cessna crash near Lloydminster
Injury MVC near High River
B&E to Dollar Store in Airdrie
B&E to business in rural Wetaskiwin
Stolen Trailer and contents recovered near McLennan
Vehicles recovered from Innisfail area chop shop
MVC near Nobleford
Armed robbery in Strathmore
Shooting incident in NE Calgary
U of C groper identified to police
Suspected voyeur busted in Calgary
Suspicious death in Edmonton
Man shot in Edmonton suite
Double fatality MVC in Edmonton
iTunes phishing scam

My Boarding School experience in Outlook, Saskatchewan

Justine Jorgensen

My name is Justine. I have lived in Pincher Creek for eleven years; I enrolled in the French immersion program at Saint Michael's School in grade one and stayed until grade ten, minus the year I spent homeschooling in fourth grade and the half year I spent in New Brunswick in sixth grade. Then for the 2013-2014 school year - my grade eleven year - I packed my bags and headed off to small town Outlook in Saskatchewan for boarding school.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Red Deer girl FOUND

Red Deer RCMP would like to advise the public that 16 year old Sky Big Crow has been located in good health. Police thank the public and the media for their support in locating her.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coffee and conversation with Alberta Party leader Greg Clark

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark
T. Lucas photo

Chris Davis

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark was in Pincher Creek on Thursday August 21.  He held a meet-and-greet at the Ranchland Mall in the morning, and was also a guest at the weekly Pincher Creek Rotary Club meeting.  The small group that attended the meet-and-greet peppered Clark with questions and ideas.  The following interview with him was conducted near the end of the event, and is presented in a question and answer format.

2014 Lundbreck Corn Fest and Parade

Bagpipers at 2014 Lundbreck Parade
Maia Jorgensen photo

Justine Jorgensen

The Lundbreck Parade was held on the morning of Saturday, August 23, followed by the Lundbreck Corn Fest Show and Shine, a Slo-Pitch tournament, and an open house at the Lundbreck Fire Department. The parade included the colour party, the Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue, antique cars, and businesses such as Obies and Three Rivers Rentals. People made the most of the cloudy day, as evident by the numerous smiles and laughter.

KBPV holds Special Trains event

Temporary exhibit in Cyr School
J. Jorgensen photos except *
Justine Jorgensen

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) held its Special Trains Event on Saturday, August 23. The day featured a temporary exhibit at Cyr School, special crafts for the kids, a book signing by Farley Wuth, and a historic railway tour, where participants explored historic railway locations via bus.

A day of tea, roses and dainties for Oldman Rose Society

Blair Bruder shows Joyce Taylor and Ianthe Goddfellow a tray of dainties
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Oldman Rose Society (OMRS) held 'Tea and Roses' at Harvest Coffee House on Saturday, August 23 throughout the day. Staff of the coffee house offered plates of dainties and tea for the day along with their already robust menu. OMRS President Ianthe Goodfellow felt that this was a nice way to showcase roses into the public. "It is exposure for all the things that roses are intertwined with," she said.  "This is the very first year of an event of this nature for us," said Goodfellow. "It is taking time for tradition, and tea."

Policing in Alberta to August 23, 2014

Sexual assault in Lloydminster
Vehicle arson in Hilliard
Campaign against impaired driving in Vegreville
St. Albert RCMP Inspector accepts ALS Challenge
Fuel theft near Rocky Mtn. House
Lost engagement ring in Hinton
Suspicious fire in Wetaskiwin
Edmonton pharmacy robberies suspect charged
Early morning homicide in Calgary
Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta receives federal funding
Federal Victims Strategy and Victims Fund
Civil Forfeiture Fund helps Calgary kids

Missing Goodfish Lake teen Jaylynne Omeasoo-Saskatchewan

Missing: Jaylynne Omeasoo-Sakatchewan
Morinville RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing 14-year-old female.

Jaylynne OMEASOO-SASKATCHEWAN was last seen on August 15, 2014 at the Mac’s store in Gibbons, Alberta. Jaylynne was on her way back to Goodfish Lake from Jasper when she walked away from the vehicle she was a passenger in when it stopped at the convenience store in Gibbons. The Morinville RCMP has reason to believe that Jaylynne may have gone to the Hobbema/Maskwacis area. There have been reports of Jaylynne being seen in and around Hobbema/Maskwacis but none of the tips have been confirmed or substantiated.

Lethbridge makes pitch to Canada Winter Games 2019 Evaluation Committee

^ MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Brian Hammond, Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg and Crowsnest Pass Mayor Blair Painter at Pincher Creek display for 2019 Canada Winter Games bid
Photo by City of Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman

Toni Lucas

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg, MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Brian Hammond, and Crowsnest Pass Mayor Blair Painter were among the dignitaries representing our region in Lethbridge this week as part of the attempt to win the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

"The enthusiasm level was really high," said Mayor Anderberg, who was joined by councillors Tammy Rubbelke, Lorne Jackson, Doug Thornton, and members of Town staff. "The Lethbridge Bid 2019 committee gave a first class presentation to the Canada Winter Games 2019 Evaluation Committee.  I think Lethbridge was first class, all the way."

2014 Piikani Youth Rodeo - changing lives one ride at a time

Lateesha Cross Child at Piikani Youth Rodeo (she usually rides a larger mount)
T. Lucas and C. Davis photos and videos
Chris Davis

The Piikani Youth Rodeo began in 1995 and ran for many years before circumstances shuttered the endeavor for a while.  Last year it returned, and this year's iteration reflects the continuing success of the concept.  Held at the Crowlodge Arena in Brocket, the youth rodeo provides an opportunity to approximately 60 youth between the ages of 5 and 25 to learn and practice skills in various events, including barrel racing, bull riding, steer riding, equestrian, and perhaps most importantly, life skills.

Friday, August 22, 2014

ASIRT to investigate allegations regarding Colton Crowshoe case

Colton Crowshoe
Government of Alberta press release

ASIRT’s mandate is to effectively, independently and objectively investigate, as directed by the Director of Law Enforcement, matters of a serious or sensitive nature related to the actions of a police officer in Alberta.

In that capacity, on August 19, 2014 ASIRT was directed to investigate interactions members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) had with 18-year old Colton Crowshoe in the days preceding his disappearance and also into allegations of a possible breach of trust in the handling of the Colton Crowshoe missing person complaint filed July 6, 2014.

Gas leak at St. Michael's School quickly resolved

Toni Lucas

On Thursday, August 21, at 11:17 am, Pincher Creek Emergency Services Engine 15 responded to a report of a possible gas leak because the odour of gas was detected in St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek. Deputy Chief Pat Neumann reported that the building had already been evacuated and the gas main had been shut off before they arrived.

The crew assisted AltaGas to locate the leak that was found to originate from a heating unit located on the top of the building.  Repairs were quickly made.

Policing in Alberta to August 22, 2014

Fatal MVC near Airdrie
Suspect in Lethbridge assault/confinement at large
Lethbridge man a suspect in Nanaimo home invasion
Overdue motorcyclist FOUND
Prolific liquor store shoplifter in Red Deer
Fatal MVC near Airdrie
Scammer(s) pretend to be RCMP
Pellet gun shots fired at Samson Cree Nation
Fake prescription fraud in St. Albert
Suspicious house fire in Vegreville
Hit and run injures Falher cyclist
Bank robbery in Calgary
Nighttime break-ins in north Calgary
Man charged with several robberies in Calgary
Firearms seizure made in connection to “Dr. Frankenstein” 
End of lockdown and search at Edmonton Institution

Knights of Columbus restore and maintain Father Lacombe Hermitage building

Knight of Columbus working on Father Lacombe Hermitage

Under the leadership of Brother Ken Wittkopf the Pincher Creek Knights of Columbus Council #2674 were busy during the months of July and August attending to the restoration and maintenance of the Father Lacombe Hermitage building located at the Pincher Creek Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.


Funding available to help protect vulnerable children and families

Government of Alberta

Alberta is inviting local agencies to participate in a $20 million program to help end child abuse, family violence, sexual assault and bullying, and to support children’s mental health.

Canadian Cancer Society: here to help

Michelle Sauvé
Michelle Sauvé, Canadian Cancer Society

It’s been said that “knowledge is power.” I am reminded of this each time I meet someone newly diagnosed with cancer and provide them with information about the Canadian Cancer Society’s programs, services and additional local resources. The most common thing I hear: “I wish I’d known more about this sooner.” Please help me spread the word to those newly diagnosed in our community and their caregivers, families, friends and co-workers that the Canadian Cancer Society is here to help!

Bring on the Hoorah! Mustangs practices begin

Ben Riviere has the ball, but for how long?
T. Lucas photos
Pincher Creek Mustangs Football players had their first practice on Monday, August 18 for their Peewee and Senior players.
Senior Mustang Coaches Back Row:   Stan Walker, Wayne Alexander,
Dylan Stevens,Jamie Kiffiak, Alex Oliver, Tom Holoboff, Front:  Todd Merrick
T. Lucas photos

Slo-Pitch tournament a fundraiser for RHL Huskies Hockey

A Division 1 and 2 place winners - Prodigy and Boozin' Ballers
* T. Lucas photo

Justine Jorgensen/Toni Lucas

A Slo-Pitch tournament went full swing from Friday August 15 to Sunday August 17. The event was a fundraiser for the RHL Huskies Hockey team; fifteen teams competed, separated into an A Division and a B Division. The teams competed for a spot in the championship games held on Sunday at 5:00 pm. In the A Division the victors were Team Prodigy and in B division the top spot went to the team Red Chair Bears.

Telling Alberta’s story through numbers

Government of Alberta

Alberta’s 2014 Official Statistics provide interesting insights into life in Alberta.

You might be aware that Alberta is the fastest growing province in Canada, but did you know the average weekly earnings in Alberta are more than 20 per cent higher than the national average? And did you know that Albertans are big on volunteering? More than 80 per cent of Albertans do some kind of volunteer work. These are just a few of the interesting facts you’ll find in the 2014 Alberta Official Statistics.

Alberta’s updated official statistics are publicly available facts and information that describe conditions or changes taking place in our province. They cover a wide range of topics, including employment, healthcare, social services, the environment and the economy.

Things you may not know about Alberta

MaraNatha and Trader Joe's brands almond butters and peanut butters recalled due to Salmonella

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), August 21, 2014

A food recall warning issued on August 19, 2014 has been amended to correctly identify the affected codes for the MaraNatha brand almond butter and peanut butter products. The corrections for these products are marked by an asterisk (*) at this link (click here).

Industry is recalling MaraNatha and Trader Joe's brands almond butters and peanut butters from the marketplace due to possibleSalmonella contamination. Consumers should not consume the recalled products described at the above link.This recall was triggered by a recall in another country. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is conducting a food safety investigation, which may lead to the recall of other products. If other high-risk products are recalled, the CFIA will notify the public through updated Food Recall Warnings.

Pictured below are some of the affected products.

Infinite Scroll