Monday, August 18, 2014

Chelsea Stokke plans Miss Rodeo Canada run as Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek reign ends

Outgoing Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek Chelsea Stokke
C. Davis photo
Chris Davis

Miss Pincher Creek Rodeo Chelsea Stokke is stepping down from the role she has so ably served for the past two years. On Sunday afternoon at the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo she was introduced to the crowd by Pincher Creek and District Agricultural Society President Janet Watmough, who presented her with a bouquet and lauded her work as a representative of our area. Stokke was Little Miss Rodeo for a year and has been Miss Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo for two years, continuing into this winter.

"She has represented Pincher Creek as far north as Grand Prairie, east to Saskatchewan, and many central and southern Alberta Professional Rodeos," said Watmough. "She will start preparing for the next step in rodeo royalty, as she is running for Miss Rodeo Canada 2016."

Chelsea Stokke and Janet Watmough
C. Davis photo

"She is so proud to represent Pincher Creek, and Chelsea, we are so proud to thank you," Watmough continued. " You have done an outstanding job."

Stokke performed a final farewell lap to cheers from the crowd, and as she exited the arena a significant chapter closed and another opened. Afterward she seemed a little sad, but was primarily upbeat and excited to face her next challenges. At 20 years of age she's got a lot of irons in the fire. In addition to vying for Miss Rodeo Canada, she hopes to further her education, and she's been learning new skills and honing old ones. "I have been trick riding with Niki Flundra, so I want to get better at that this winter, and I team rope as well." Stokke has been working with Flundra for 4 months. Flundra is a famed Liberty rider/stunt woman/trainer who lives in the Twin Butte area with her husband Dustin.

Chelsea Stokke
Jenaya Launstein photo

I asked Stokke if she had any favourite experiences as Miss Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo. "Oh my gosh, there are so many big highlights," she said. "Going to the Calgary Stampede, it's such an amazing event. Medicine Hat is my favorite stampede to go to, because they're just so generous. They have huge dinners for us, and they take us to concerts, and they make it such a family type rodeo. This rodeo (Pincher Creek) has been so good to me, I couldn't ask for better."

There's currently no-one in place to follow her as Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek, but she had some advice for whoever follows her in the role anyway. "I just hope she enjoys her time as Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek, because it's a blast, and it is the experience of a lifetime."

Chelsea Stokke
C. Davis photo

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