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Bantam Mustangs host Claresholm Raiders

Bantam Mustangs vs Raiders
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Pincher Creek Bantam Mustangs hosted the Claresholm Raiders on Saturday, September 27 on the football field behind Matthew Halton High School.  At the half, the score was 37-0 for the Raiders.  TJ Metcalfe pulled off a touchdown in the second half for the Mustangs, thereby avoiding a shutout. The final score was 57-6 Raiders.

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"This is our first real league game," said Pincher Creek Mustangs Coach Travis Liscombe afterward. "The first game, we had to forfeit in the first quarter, because we were so short on players, and we had eight or nine injury time outs stacked up, we had to forfeit in the first quarter in Lethbridge. That was our first game. Because we were so beat up, we had to forfeit our second game as well. We played our Taco Bowl out here, and had a great time doing that, and then played Cardston, which was an exhibition against their JV squad."

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"This was the first real league game against talent that these boys will see. Two thirds of these guys have never played a down of football in their life. A bunch of those kids didn't show up to play until mid-September. So what you are seeing is a team that has literally two and a half weeks of practice. For that, I am extremely pleased with how they did."

"This is a real win for us," said Liscombe. "Some real highlights: We have a young man that has never played before, Nathan Bedward, and he was our #1 running back. He did a fantastic job. TJ Metcalfe scored our only touchdown, fantastic job. George, our French exchange student did a really good job running the ball a number of times. Other than TJ those guys I just mentioned have never played before. It's a real win at this point. Claresholm is a class act."  Liscombe said that the Raiders coaching staff and team allowed for the Mustangs to work on skills and development.

"My job is to get them to understand the game of football, so when they go up, they are football players that the high school guys can work with." 

About the injuries sustained during this game Liscombe said there was "Nothing super serious. Grace Kirkness hurt her ankle pretty bad, and we had a couple other boys that have sprained their ankles.   Good healing vibes to our sprained ankles and various boo-boos. When we played here against Cardston, we had a young man, Jordan Hochstein, who was a stud running back, he broke his tibia in four places. From that standpoint, it has been a tough year. But nobody got hurt too bad this game, we got a touchdown, and we got a bunch of kids with smiles on their faces. That's what it's all about."

Claresholm Bantam Raiders Coach Pat O'Brien was happy with the win, and how his players were performing. "We were executing well today, we've had a hard time with blocking, and today it was working out."

The Bantam Mustangs host the Bulldogs Saturday, October 4, and then play Cardston in Cardston the following weekend.

Mustangs Fans Haley Bruder and Shelby Soop 
On the Mustangs' Facebook page Coach Liscombe said the Game Ball was awarded to Nathan Bedward, and in addition to mentioning TJ's TD he commented on "Outstanding tackles made by Isaac Webb and Tyron Holloway, awesome special teams play by Georges Valentin," and "We have one tough line playing Ironman the whole game."

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