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Coaldale Pride defeats Senior Mustangs

Mustangs line of scrimmage
Jenaya Launstein photo

Jenaya Launstein

Pincher Creek's Senior Mustangs hosted Coaldale's Pride at Matthew Halton field on Friday, September 26.

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Friday’s evening game between the Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs and Coaldale's Pride opened with the Mustangs kicking off to enthusiastic cheering from the hometown crowd. Coaldale received the ball and immediately made a run for the end zone, but were quickly stopped by the Mustangs defence. The Pride quarterback handed it off for a successful first down. For most of the opening drive, time and time again the Mustangs defence stopped the Pride. Just when it looked like the Mustangs had stopped them, Coaldale managed to find a hole in the Pincher Creek defence and made it in for a touchdown. The Pride kicker then made a successful kick through the uprights for the extra point. The score was now 7-0 for the Coaldale Pride. Shortly after, they managed to escape the Pincher Creek defence once again for another touchdown. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-0 for Coaldale.

Mustangs #12 Kyle Knowlton with the ball
Kim Jorgenson photo
To the second quarter we go! The Mustangs quarterback handed the ball off to the running back, who deked around the Pride players, and carried it for a first down before he was tackled. Unfortunately, the home team couldn’t make it past the Pride defence on the following plays, so there was a turnover on downs. Once Coaldale had possession of the ball, they quickly capitalized. The Pride wide receiver made an impressive catch in the end zone for a touchdown, making the score 21-0 at half time.

EMT's taking care of injured Austin Parker
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The third and fourth quarters were riddled with penalties and injuries. There was a particular play, however, that worried everyone. With 36 seconds left in the third quarter, Mustangs Austin Parker sustained an injury to the kneecap by one of the Pride players. When he was unable to stand up, the coaching staff gathered around to attend to him. The decision was made to call an ambulance, and the EMT’s carefully placed him on a stretcher and got him into the ambulance as quickly as they could. He was cheered off by his teammates, fans, and even Coaldale players. Right before they closed the ambulance doors, Austin yelled out “Go Mustangs!”, which put a smile on everyone’s face. As the game was about to resume, the Mustangs’ players broke their huddle with a loud “1.2.3. AUSTIN!”. 

Mustangs #43 Shane Parker
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According to the Pincher Creek Mustangs Facebook group, Austin’s knee cap was severely dislocated. He will have to wear a brace for the next couple weeks.

Mustangs running back Logan Kaack with the ball
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Pincher Creek had possession. They achieved two first downs on the first two plays, and the crowd loudly cheered them on. Then running back Logan Kaack took the ball, and made a break for it. Touchdown Mustangs! The crowd went wild.

At the end of the game Coaldale got another touchdown, making the final score 28-6 for the Coaldale Pride.

Mustangs huddle
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After the game Mustangs Head Coach Wayne Alexander spoke of the strengths and weaknesses exhibited by the team so far this season. "The defence was outstanding last week in Lethbridge," he said. "Probably one of the best defences I've seen since I've been in Pincher Creek. Hard hits... we've been complimented by all the head coaches from the previous three teams about the physical toughness of our boys, and they know they've been in a game when the game's over."

Montana Jones kicking for the Mustangs
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Of the just concluded game against Coaldale Coach Alexander said "The boys did play with enthusiasm in spots but we just didn't maintain that enthusiasm for the whole length of the game. I didn't feel that we had a great week of practices, previous weeks we did, and so that's not a good sign. It's almost like a foreshadowing of what might happen. It was a close game, and on another day those boys wearing Pincher Creek uniforms can beat that team, there's no doubt in my mind."

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