Thursday, September 25, 2014

Go Johnny Go!

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Peewee Mustangs #27 Johnny "Flash" Parker lived up to his nickname, scoring the team's first touchdown of the season during their home game against the Cardston Cougars earlier this evening, September 25. Parker's brand new to the sport, but already has a promising future. Parker plays 5 back, 4 back, left tackle, right tackle, and lineman.

"This is my first year," he explained after the game. "This is my first time playing football. I got a lot of influence from my brothers (Austin and Shane), so I thought it would be pretty cool to join."

"I bet that touchdown felt good," I said. "Yes! First touchdown of the year, so I got a lot of credit for that from my team. I love it."

Peewee Mustangs #27 Johnny "Flash" Parker
Stay tuned for a complete report of the game from Coach Tom.  Spoiler alert: The Cougars, who are a team as sportsmanlike as you could wish for, emerged victorious after four hard-played quarters.

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  1. Anonymous25/9/14

    So proud of you Johnny!!!!! <3 MOM!!


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