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Highs and lows as Peewee Mustangs host Cardston Cougars

Coach Tom

Well sports fans it was a night of highs and lows for the Peewee mustangs on Thursday night. The Mustangs welcomed the Cardston Cougars to town and the Cougars proved to be quality fun competition. Both teams have issues with the number of players as each only had 14 players to start the game. What was missing in numbers was more than made up by the heart and good spirit of all the players involved.

I  indicated that the Mustangs had 14 to start the game, however Gareth "Eyes" Kaack gave a good Mustang try but was not able to start the game due to a lower body injury. The real low of the game came early when Smilin' Eric Lynk's season was ended with a broken arm. Sometimes in the game of football when everyone does everything right bad things still happen, as a good football play by both players ended in one of the players accidentally falling and landing wrong. So that left the Mustangs with 12 players to fill 12 positions. The Mustang heart showed loud and proud by the remaining players as they played hard and fair for the remainder of the game. Offense showed some real improvements as the drops appeared less frequently and the holes for the running backs appeared where required. 

Mustangs fans Qamra, Jasmine, Naomi, Aubrey
Lance "Cutter" Palao made numerous nice runs behind the line of centre Gus "The Meat" Halibert, guards Ty "Real Deal" Anderson and Justin "The Equalizer" Nelson, tackles "Gunner" Trent Metcalfe and Curtis "Ironman" Giesbrecht, tight ends Joseph "The Silencer" Yellow Face, Johnny "Flash" Parker and "Calculating" Conner Saulnier. Gunner Trent Metcalfe gracefully moved to tackle when smilin' Eric went down and "Bullet" Brody Walter took over the reins at quarterback. Evan "Hitman" Malhi showed how fast feet can move the ball effectively running to the left and Caleb "Catman" Jones made 'em pay the price to stop him running to the right. Ok, as a coach I should not have laughed at this, but sometimes a coach can only laugh at miscues. After the Cougars made an nice interception and run back on a bullet Brody pass, I asked "Bullet" where exactly he was throwing the ball. As only Brody could answer he smiled and said "I do not know, I could not see over anyone". Smile and carry onward and upward :).

Mustangs vs Cougars
The Mustang defense again was very strong this game, we know that Cardston comes with an disciplined offense, so all the defensive players had to be at the top of their game. The line of nose guard Gus "The Meat" Halibert, ends Ty "Real Deal" Anderson and "Gunner" Trent Metcalfe worked hard the whole game, making numerous stops in the backfield. Linebackers Lance "Cutter" Palao, Caleb "Cat Man" Jones, Curtis "Ironman" Jones made short work of any runs that made it beyond the lineman. Outside run containment came from corners calculating Conner Saulnier and Johnny "Flash" Parker aided by half backs Justin "Equalizer" Nelson and Joseph "The Silencer" Yellow Face. The Cougars were able to execute successfully the passing game but gains were limited by the safeties of Evan "Hitman" Malhi and "Bullet" Brody Walter.

Mustangs Mom/cheerleader/concessions Allison Reynolds
The play of the game for the Mustangs came on a beautiful interception by Johnny "Flash" Parker, who made the grab and ran the field to pay dirt for the first Mustangs score of the year. Yes, it was a beautiful run by Flash, but he would never have made the end zone with out the blocking of the other eleven players, highlightedby a slobber-knocker block issued by Ty "Real Deal" Anderson. Love to hear when two players collide and the sound of equipment popping, and then after both players pat each other on the back in mutual admiration.

So in the end the Mustangs came out on the wrong end of the score board but with the smiles and admiration of a game well played. The Mustang players said of the Cardston team that they were the most sportsman-like team they have ever played and were just fun competition. I can speak of the coaches who were both truly interested in fair play and fun for all the kids involved. All around good people to compete against. So the score of 28 for Cardston to 6 for the Mustangs did not reflect the quality of football played and viewed by the fans. A big shout out to the Bantam and Senior players that watched and cheered so loudly for their smaller brethren - thanks to all of you for supporting those that look up so proudly to you. 

To all of you sports fans this is Coach Tom reminding you that everyday is a great day for football. Speaking of which check, out the Seniors Friday night at 4:30 and the Bantams Saturday at 2:00 pm for some more great football action at Matthew Halton Field

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