Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rotary Friendship Exchange Filipino visitors experience Pincher Creek and area

Dolorita 'Dolly' Lara, Scott Korbett,
Ma Lourdes'Cory' DV Navarro, and Nerly Yu
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Rotary Club had a variety of special guests at their regular Thursday luncheon meeting on Thursday, September 25. Three visitors from the Rotary Friendship Exchange from the Philippines came to Pincher Creek and area to share more about the Philippines, and to find out about Canada. Some of the places that they have, or plan to visit include Toronto, Calgary, Pincher Creek, Drumheller, Lethbridge and Vancouver.   Much of their trip is planned for vacationing, networking and learning, and the exchange of ideas.

Ma Lourdes 'Cory' DV Navarro

Nerly Yu represented the Rotary Club of Makati Legazpi, Ma Lourdes 'Cory' DV Navarro, and Dolorita 'Dolly' Lara were here from the Rotary Club of Makati Edsa. All three ladies are Rotarians, business owners, and excellent ambassadors for their country. They each addressed the meeting and told a little bit about themselves, their businesses, their interests, and about their clubs and club goals.

Navarro explained more about the Philippines, "We are a warm country, not only by climate, but by attitude." She and Lara showed two presentations filled with beautiful photos that highlighted the the languages, culture, festivals and people of the Philippines.

Dolorita 'Dolly' Lara
Lara said that visiting Pincher Creek, and Canada was very special to her. "Thank you for giving us a warm welcome. This is like a second home to us, now."

Nerly Yu
Yu expressed that "It is such a privilege for us to experience your country."


  1. thank you so much, RC Pincher Creek!

    1. Lou Burnham28/9/14

      We loved having you.


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