Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Senior Huskies ask for reduction in practice time ice costs

Toni Lucas

updated October 1, 2014

Pincher Creek Senior Huskies Manager Jeff Kaupp appeared before  Pincher Creek's Town Council as a delegation during their regular meeting on Monday evening September 29 to request reduced practice time ice costs and to explain more about the team. He informed council that "The league is expanding by two teams this year, so we will have six teams this year."* The teams being added to the league this season: Siksika and Kainai. Kaupp said that the Huskies plan on hosting 10 home games during the season.

*Note, on the Senior Huskies website, posted September 30, it is stated that "The League remains at 4 teams for the 2014-15 season. The Lomond Lakers are taking a year absence from the league with hopes of returning next year. The Kainai Braves are returning with a strong leadership team and the Siksika team applying this year did not attend the meeting."

The team has only played for two seasons, and are now going into their third. "I would like to go over an agreement that we have had for the last two years with the Town for practice ice time during the week," Kaupp said.  For the last two seasons the Huskies received a 50% cost reduction for their practice ice time. "This adds up to about $57 dollars per hour, for an hour and a half a week, for 19 weeks." Kaupp said that this adds up to $1,600 in reduced expenses for the Senior Huskies. Kaupp explained to the council that in the past this has meant that they have advertised the support from the Town as a Team Sponsor. "With our discount for weekday practice times, our total cost for ice time reaches just over $5,000 a year," explained Kaupp.

"I am looking to renew that deal again today, and try to answer any questions you may have about the team, the deal itself, or senior hockey." One of the questions that was posed to Kaupp was how many of the players are from Pincher Creek. He said that 90% are from the area originally, but gave the example that some are currently in school so are are not currently a full time resident. Kaupp said that other Huskies come from  Crowsnest Pass, Lethbridge, and Airdrie.

As is usual for such delegations, council asked questions and deferred an official decision until a future meeting.

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  1. Anonymous1/10/14

    This team also charges to go to their games - what about the rec hockey teams that pay full price for years and years!


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