Thursday, September 25, 2014

Terry Fox celebrated by area students

Photos: Canyon/Livingston/Matthew Halton Schools - C. Davis, St. Michael's School - Lori Jo Ettenhofer

Area schools including St. Michael's, Matthew Halton, Canyon, and Livingstone held Terry Fox runs this week (and last week in the case of Livingstone School), celebrating the spirit of one of Canada's most inspirational athletes. 

"We decided as a school to do this, it's a great cause.  We are remembering those who have cancer, or have passed away from cancer.  This will help with research so less people will have to face this in the future." - St. Michael's School Principal Don.Kuchison

Canyon students begin their Terry Fox run

Exhuberant Canyon students

Halton students crossing Main Street
Livingstone School students start out on their Terry Fox run

St. Michael's students celebrate Terry Fox

Some of St. Michael's School Terry Fox run participants

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