Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Westwinds Boys Volleyball - Sabres host Flyers

JV Sabres vs Flyers
Chris Davis

Livingstone School's Boys Sabres hosted Fort Macleod's F.P. Walshe Flyers for JV and SV volleyball on Monday evening September 30.  The JV (Junior Varsity) sets were more competitive than the SV (Senior Varsity) sets due to the absence of senior players on the Sabres bench.  The Sabres also played all six sets of the evening with only one sub, compared to a combined Flyers bench of approximately 15 athletes.  

The Sabres won all three JV sets, and the Flyers won all three SV sets by definitive margins. Good fundamentals on both sides of the net.  The second to last volley in the final JV set was a highlight of the evening (see short video below), almost a minute and a half long and dynamic throughout, particularly when the quick footwork of Sabre Ross Cook kept it alive about halfway through.  The volley eventually went to the Flyers, but both teams deserve credit for a fun display of athleticism.

A great volley

JV sets
25-18 Sabres
25-18 Sabres
25-21 Sabres

SV sets
SV Sabres vs Flyers

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