Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Experiential Learning Week expanded to more area schools

African Safari themed cake by Mary Dietze, Parker Starzyk,
 Ida Vien and Shelby Soop
Toni Lucas

Matthew Halton High School, Napi Friendship Centre Outreach Program, and Livingstone School jointly held Experiential Learning Week (ELW) from October 20 - 24 in Pincher Creek and area. Each high school student from grade 7 - 12 chose a single course that they were enrolled in for the duration of the week. The program was originally started in the fall of 2013, with one week each semester offering this immersive programming. The programs this semester were offered in Pincher Creek and area with school, local business and citizen support. The students are graded and marked for their participation. Some of the classes this semester included creative writing, first aid, digital storytelling, outdoor education, adventure race training, textile arts, and fly fishing. I looked into creative baking, Blackfoot language, fashion studies, and theatre production.

Fashion Studies

Students just before the fashion show
One part of fashion studies included the wearable art fashion show. Students had the chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk in a fashion show of shirts that they had altered and personalized using scissors, paint, cloth, paper, glue, glitter,feathers, and other items at hand. In one case the bowls of plastic spoons were incorporated. The students learned that fashion is not something that is only created in New York or Milan, but is an expression of ones individual tastes and in these cases, talent.

Blackfoot Language

Cheryssa Wolf Tail, Tamia Iron Shirt, Braeden Dupuis,
and Ashton Many Grey Horses
Students in this course learned more about the Blackfoot culture and language. They went to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, shared stories, listened to elders, and made dream catchers as part of their project. For the dream catchers two students, Raine and Regan English stepped up to the challenge and taught the students how to make them, the history and symbology of dream catchers. Regan said it was interesting to be in charge of teaching that segment of the class. "It was pretty cool." Both of the girls expressed that some of the students were very engaged, and it was a rewarding experience to share their knowledge.

Raine  and Regan English
Theatre Production

Edmonton based Theatre Prospero  is a theatre troupe that specializes in teaching students to learn and  present a shakespearean play in a short time frame. Twenty eight students worked with the troupe to present 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' on Thursday evening. On Friday they worked on various drama techniques.

To see the full story and video of the production click here.

Creative Baking

19 people signed up for Creative Baking. Chef Ian Robertson presented the students with their challenge, wedding planning. The students broke into small groups and chose and designed a wedding for a fictional couple. The students made storyboards that explained the couples' tastes, where the wedding was being held, and themes that ranged from traditional to avant-garde. They presented a meal plan for catering the fictitious wedding, created a display wedding cake and baked a real cake that was shared among the class and the student body on Friday.

Erica Mackenzie, Jasmine Malhi, Courtney Doel made
a gravity defying unconventional design

Martyna Lively, Miranda VanLoon, Lindsay Lounsbury and Aubrey Old Crow
with a traditional cake design

Beyonce Crowshoe, Qamra Ludwig, Emily Doell and Elema Cameron
wth and exotically inspired cake

Claire Madison, Karly Sinnott and Kendra Tregillus
with a frosty winter wedding theme with snowflakes and icicles

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