Monday, October 27, 2014

Peewee Mustangs finish season with narrow loss to Raymond

Peewee Mustangs vs Raymond
Kelly Nelson photos
Coach Tom Holoboff

Well sports fans for the last time this season the local heroes took the field at Raymond. It was another great night for football, this year has either been great or two feet of snow. As always Raymond is a fun team to compete against and has a great program.

The teams squared off with Raymond taking the ball first and they executed a nice march up the field mixing pass and run, keeping corners Gareth "Eyes" Kaack and Johnny "Flash" Parker on their toes. The pass rush of Gus "The Meat" Halibert, "Gunner" Trent Metcalfe and Ty "Real Deal" Anderson aided by blitzing half backs Justin "The Equalizer" Nelson and Grace "Hands" Kirkness kept the Raymond quarterbacks on the run all game. Linebackers "Cutter" Lance Palao, Caleb "Catman" Jones and Curtis "Ironman" Giesbrecht stopped any run up the middle dead in its tracks. Safeties "Calculating" Conner Saulnier, Evan "Hitman" Malhi, "Bullet" Brody Walter and Joseph "The Silencer" Yellow Face helped contain the potent Raymond passing game. Newcomer Reece Yellow Wings-Shade played a little bit of everywhere, showing huge potential for a return to the Mustangs lineup next year. Although each drive was contained, only once did Raymond fail to score when they had the ball, scoring five touchdowns.

On offense the Mustangs did show a lot of potential with the line of centre Gus "The Meat" Halibert, Ty "Real Deal" Anderson and Justin "Equalizer" Nelson at guard, Johnny "Flash" Parker and Curtis "Ironman" Giesbrecht at tackle, Gareth "Eyes" Kaack and Grace "Hands" Kirkness at tight end opened up many holes for running back "Cutter" Lance Palao, Caleb "Catman" Jones and Evan "Hitman" Malhi who all had some nice long runs. Gunner Trent and Bullet Brody took turns at quarterback completing passes to Hands Kirkness and attempting to locate the ever elusive Calculating Conner Saulnier and Joseph "The Silencer" Yellow Face at wide receiver. Reese Yellow Wings-Shade filled in where ever he was asked with a great effort. The Mustangs offense was able to take the pigskin to the hallowed ground of the endzone three times this game, keeping the end result in question until the last Raymond scoring possession.

Kelly Nelson photos

So the game ended with Raymond scoring 5 times to the Mustangs 3 and big smiles on all the players faces. The only smile missing was "Smilin" Eric Lynk who missed the second half of the season with a broken arm. As the PeeWee coach for some time now (long enough to have seen two graduating classes now) this group of kids made up for the lack of numbers with an amazing effort. This was a great group of kids to work with and they truly seemed to enjoy being out on the field. As assistant coach with the Senior Mustangs I was privileged to be on the field with a number of players for both their first and last game as a Pincher Creek Mustang. It is an honor and a privilege to see these kids change into fine young men. I look forward to seeing them maximize their potential as football players and upstanding citizens. So the last games have been played, the highs and lows of a football season have been lived and another year of fun has been had. 

November 1 there will be equipment turn in and skills columbine. Shortly there after wind-up feast and awards banquet. Thank you all for your support of Mustangs Football, watch for the windup report for the PeeWee skills competition and awards banquet. Until next time this is Coach Tom reminding everyone that everyday is a great day for football.

Mustangs annual awards night to be held November 8

The Mustangs Football Club will be holding their annual awards night on Saturday November 8, starting at 6:00 pm. This year the potluck event will be held at St. Michael's School.

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