Saturday, October 25, 2014

Westwinds Boys Volleyball - Dragons host Trojans

Girls Dragons show their support for the boys
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's JV and SV Dragons hosted their Coalhurst Trojans counterparts for an evening of volleyball on Thursday evening, October 23.  A sizeable contingent of Dragons Girls were in attendance to show their support, as seen above. 

The Dragons are a young team, really a JV team that plays at both levels, and acquitted themselves well, with wins eluding them by narrow margins most of the evening. The only win of the evening for the Dragons was the second Senior Varsity set, but most sets at both levels were close, with the Trojans winning by only two or three points in 4 sets, including one set in each age category that went to 27 points.  After a dismal first SV set the Dragons found their fire to win the second SV set by a convincing margin. They kept that momentum going through the third SV set, but lost some steam in the fourth and deciding set.  Two very well matched teams, with the Trojans earning their wins the hard way, by keeping the pressure on.

JV sets
25-22 Trojans
25-23 Trojans
27-25 Trojans

SV sets
25-13 Trojans
25-18 Dragons
27-25 Trojans
25-16 Trojans

Dragon Chet Root lining up a spike

Coach Speelman shaking down one of his Dragons for his lunch money

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