Thursday, October 30, 2014

Westwinds Boys Volleyball - Sabres defeat Dragons

Senior Dragons vs Sabres
Chris Davis

St. Michael's Dragons JV and SV Volleyball squads hosted their Livingstone Sabres counterparts for an evening of volleyball at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium on October 29.  Despite the two teams being competitively matched, the Sabres had the edge through most of the sets, winning all but one senior set.  The Sabres came from behind to win the first SV set, then the Dragons came from behind to win the second.It was a fun game to watch with lots of action at the net, much of it subtly played by members of both teams.

JV sets
25-18 Sabres
25-21 Sabres
25-21 Sabres

SV sets
25-22 Sabres
25-22 Dragons
25-18 Sabres
25-22 Sabres

C. Davis photos and video

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