Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Westwinds Girls Volleyball - Eagles defeat Sabres

Livingstone Sabres
Chris Davis

Livingstone's Girls Sabres hosted Lethbridge's Immanuel Christian Eagles for an evening of volleyball on October 27.  The Eagles won all three Junior Varsity (JV) sets and all three Senior Varsity (SV) sets.  The Sabres were definitely not on their game throughout, perhaps a little more intimidated than they should have been, because their a solid team.  They were definitely outmatched at the senior level, having only two seniors on the SV team compared to an Eagles squad of almost all actual seniors, fresh and ready to go.  However, score aside, the Sabres actually played better in the SV sets. The Sabres also lost quite a few points to minor infractions.  The Eagles proved to have two very strong squads, efficient, tricky, and consistent.

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JV sets
25-17 Eagles
25-11 Eagles
25-15 Eagles

SV sets
25-17 Eagles
25-19 Eagles
25-13 Eagles

Savanah Moore and Sabe

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