Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Livingstone School to host 2016 ASAA Senior 1A Boys Basketball Provincials

The spirit of basketball is strong in these ones
Chris Davis

As reported here November 22, Livingstone School was planning to submit an official bid to host the 2016 Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) Senior 1A Boys Basketball Provincials. Sabres coach Paul Erickson was informed on November 24 that the other school planning to bid for the event decided not to, so the honour will go to Livingstone School.

The video below is a teaser for a promo clip that was to be submitted as part of the now-cancelled bidding process.

Livingstone has hosted many tournaments, including Senior Boys Basketball Provincials in 1999 and 2002.  The Senior Boys Sabres basketball team made it to Provincials last season.

On Thursday afternoon Livingstone School held a quickly scripted pep rally, showed just how dramatically fond of basketball they are, and above that, showed the true spirit of a school, kids and administration, pulling together toward a common goal.

Livingstone School Principal Chad Jensen and Vice Principal Mary Krizan introduce the action in the video.  Students studying is in the script.  In the gym it is quickly evident that Mrs. Krizan has them in the palm of her hand, roll tape, enough said.  I made them do it twice for safety, but really the first time was awesome enough.  The second tape was for fun.  Verdict: this school really really really wants to host the tournament, and this school is mad about basketball.

Principal Jensen appreciated the pep rally experience.   "It was amazing, he said.  "There was a lot of positive energy in the gym. Everyone was really excited, and hopeful that we get the 2016 Provincials. I think it would be a great event for our school, and I know that we would do a great job. We have a lot of parent volunteers, and community support."

"I think we would do a great job, and it would be exciting for us as a school."

Principal Jensen became the Livingstone School Principal in August of this year.   "I spent the first 10 years of my career at Warner School," he said.  Warner is a K-12 school, as is Livingstone, "But we were about half the size in Warner".   He was involved in the strong Warner hockey program, and "I was a classroom teacher, Assistant Coach with the girl's program, and Assistant Principal in the school."

Principal Jensen anticipates another successful partnership with Matthew Halton School if Livingstone wins the bid.  "I have already talked to Sandy  (Halton School Principal Sandra McDuffe) at Halton about this possibility, and once again they have been very supportive and have stepped up and have agreed we can work together and use their gym for the event. They have been very collaborative."

"Win-win for everybody."

The plan is to host most of the event at the Matthew Halton School gym in Pincher Creek,  as happened when Livingstone hosted the 2012 ASAA 1A Girls Basketball Provincials.  That event was a huge success for the schools and their athletic programs, and an economic boon for Pincher Creek.  The hotels and motels fill up fast during an otherwise slow period, and almost every overnight visitor is dining out.  Hundreds of kids (including siblings), and lots of parents, coaches, and officials.

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