Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trees of Hope light up the night again

Mark and Braden Barber setting up Trees of Hope display on November 10
*Corrected for accuracy

Toni Lucas

The Windy Slopes Health Foundation (WSHF) have the Trees of Hope once again twinkling in the night along Hewetson Avenue in Pincher Creek.  Volunteers Town Councillor Mark Barber and his son Braden braved the chill on the morning of Monday, November 10 to install the iconic display outside of the hospital.  The Trees are a symbol to all those that have found comfort in the Pincher Creek Health Centre.

The Trees of Hope campaign pre-dates the foundation..  Originally started by the Pincher Creek Hospital Auxiliary this has always been a call out to the community to help improve the health care right here in this town.  In the last three years there has been an outdoor display as well as a tree inside the health centre.

Donations made to the Trees of Hope campaign have always gone toward Pincher Creek health priorities for the 24 years of this initiative, and this year is no exception.  WSHF is very close to a long term goal of renovating the emergency department.  Plans include better privacy for patients, a more efficient work area, and better safety for staff and patients alike.

You can make a donation to the Trees of Hope Campaign at the Pincher Creek Health Centre.  The names of donors will be added to a display in the health centre waiting area.

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