Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Residential Winter Lights winners announced

2014 Residential Winter Lights First Place winners Mel and Loretta Packham
Joey Jackson and Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Communities In Bloom (CIB) judged this year's Winter Lights competition on Wednesday evening December 10.  The event was hosted by CIB and Perfect Posies Greenhouses.  Many local homes displayed their light displays and holiday spirit. Brightly flashing, multicolored, candy canes, and reindeer, there were lights of all shapes and sizes. The annual event results in prizes going to the best overall display and the best block.  It was a gorgeous night to be out and about looking at Christmas lights adding holiday cheer all over town and the CIB volunteers love doing it every year. “Its a great way to show community and holiday spirit this time of year”, said CIB's John Hancock.

Above and below: the Packham's award winning display

The winners of the best grouping this year were the residents of Evergreen Avenue and Canyon Crescent. The big winner was Loretta Packham (aka Mrs. P) and her husband Mel, who won First Place for their display.

2014 Residential Winter Lights Competition results

First Place ~ 412 Oakwood Drive
Second Place ~ 1207 Crocus Avenue
Third Place ~ #17 Foothills Trailer Park
Honorable Mention ~ 375 Canyon Crescent
Honorable Mention ~ 949 Maple Street
Honorable Mention ~ 696 Kettles Street (Lebel Mansion)
Best Grouping ~ Evergreen Avenue ~ 818, 819, 826, 837, 825, 832, 838, 846
Best Grouping ~ Canyon Crescent ~ 375, 359, 354, 361 Canyon Drive

Honourable Mention: Lisa and Jerry Dupuis
On the evening of December 17 an awards ceremony and social gathering was held at Perfect Posies with Diane Stuckey presiding.  Winners were given a certificate and a wreath courtesy of Perfect Posies.  Stuckey explained that Communities In Bloom is best known for their gardening efforts but "We also want our community to sparkle all year 'round".

Best grouping (multiple awardees) Donna Owen

Best grouping (multiple awardees) Linda Conley
Best grouping (multiple awardees) Gloria and Gary Franks
Diane Stuckey with Third Place winner Janine Jackson
Best Grouping (multiple awardees) Boston and Presley LeJan
Best Grouping (multiple awardees) Mark and Connor Jackson
Best Grouping  (multiple awardees) Marilyn Lee with Diane Stuckey

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