Friday, December 19, 2014

Heartwarming talent show at Canyon School

MCs Jaxon and Justin
Toni Lucas

Canyon Elementary School in Pincher Creek held a  'North Pole Talent Show' on Thursday, December 18. Principal Carole Goodreau was happy to hand all the credit for the performances to the students and the school's new music teacher Candice Janzen.  Janzen has been working with the students since November 1 to deliver two blockbuster performances that showcased vocal, instrumental and dance pieces.  The first performance was held in the morning, the second during the afternoon. "What you see up here is definitely all her work," said Goodreau.

Raiden 'Hid a frog in sisters bed'  - grade 1

Justin and Jaxon acted as the elvish MC's of the North Pole Talent Show, with comic quips between the two livening up the show. The program had performances from preschool to grade 6. Even though it was a concert right before Christmas, there was room for pieces that did not focus on the season.  'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' was performed on recorders by the 5A class, 'Stand By Me' was performed on ukuleles by the 6B class, as was 'You are my Sunshine' by 6A. There was folk dancing choreographed for the 3A class, dancing to 'Thriller by 5B class, 'Mortimer' by the Kindergarten class, and a play/movement piece called 'On Safari', where all the kids were in character of either an explorer or animal.

On Safari Grade 3 B class
This did not mean that Christmas was forgotten. The preschoolers performed  'We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a 'School Bus' remix to open the performances, Grade 4 students did 'Jolly Old St. Nicholas' and 'Jingle Bells' on instruments called boomwhackers, and grade 1 sang "Nuttin' for Christmas', complete with props.

Emily 'On Safari' make up by her mother Glynis Nelson
photo by Celina Hayward
There was an instrumental piece on recorders of 'Silent Night' by the 5B class, and the whole of Grade 2 came together for 'Drummer Boy', each with their own bucket drum. The choir sang 'Sleigh Song', and 'I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas'.

Drummer Boy Tyler 
For the finale all the students in the school did the 'Stretch Song', signalling the end of the show for both performances. All the students did a great job mastering their parts making the whole of the Christmas Concert a fantastic experience.

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