Friday, December 19, 2014

Shell donates $20,000 to Pincher Creek Emergency Room Project

Jordan Koch, Adrian Hartman, Rod Sinclair, and Sylvia Inabnit

Toni Lucas

On Thursday December 18 the Windy Slopes Health Foundation (WSHF)  received a $20,000 check from Shell Waterton to go toward their Emergency Room Project. WSHF has been fundraising for this cause for a number of years and is getting very close to making it a reality. Some of those who attended the presentation included Pincher Creek Health Centre Site Manager Jordan Koch, WSHF members Adrian Hartman and Sylvia Inabnit, and Shell Waterton Community Affairs Coordinator Rod Sinclair. "This donation pushes us past the 75% mark, and gets us one step closer," said Inabnit.  Hartman also expressed his appreciation for the donation. One of the ways that the WSHF has been fundraising for this cause is through the 'Trees of Hope' campaign. The hospital has brightly lit metal trees out along Hewitson Avenue as a symbol of the drive, and in the lobby there is tree wall hanging with presents that are tagged with names of those who have donated this year.

Rod Sinclair was delighted to hand the cheque over as part of Shell's local Social Investment Program. "This project is one of our top priorities this year," Sinclair said. He explained that this was a big project with good sustainability, saying "This will really benefit the whole community." This particular venture fits in well with what Shell likes to allocate for funding within a community: Health, Education, or Environment. "It's the right thing to do. The employees at Shell, we live here," said Sinclair. "This will be used by the whole community." Although he thoroughly enjoyed being Santa so close to Christmas, he is also looking forward to a next year. "A new year, new projects."

The cost of the emergency room renovation is estimated to be $560,000. According to Inabnit the original plans had become outdated, and required an additional $60,000 to be updated. According to other sources this cost overrun is expected to be funded by Alberta Health Services.

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