Friday, January 2, 2015

Silver Reins 4-H news January 2015

Silver Reins 4-H Club on Remembrance Day 2014
Alina Pharis, Silver Reins Club Reporter

Silver Reins start-up every year is in the first few weeks of October. At our first meeting we elected executives for our club:
  • President-Taylor Wells 
  • Vice President- Alex Russel
  • Parliamentarian- Kassi Wells 
  • Secretary- Sydney Bruder
  • Treasurer- Jessie Terpstra 
  • District Representative- Janet Taylor
  • Alternate District Representative- Kassi Wells 
  • Club Reporter- Alina Pharis
  • Historian- Kim Turnbull
We also took vitals to check that our horses are healthy. The vital signs are respiration (breathing), pulse (heart rate), temperature, capillary refill time, and the body condition score (the horse’s weight). Most people think that these are only things that are used for people but actually they are used for horses and other animals too. Dr. Todd Gunderson from Country Vets came in to help everyone with the vitals. We would like to thank Dr. Gunderson for joining us.

In November all of the executives from our 4H club went to the district executive’s meeting where we learned how to do our jobs properly, then we had a mock meeting where we showed everyone what we learned.

On November 11 we went to the Pincher Creek Remembrance Day ceremony. At the ceremony we presented a wreath.

We had our 2nd ride day in November and it was quite fun. At this ride day we welcomed a new member, Stacey Olivieri. We did a great craft too, we made covers for our record books using an embossing technique that Yvonne Terpstra showed us.

We did have a very fun Christmas party on the 13th of December. We did not bring horses on that day because it was too cold for them. Most people brought a potluck dish and it was really fun even though we didn’t toboggan because it was not that snowy. Most people loved the craft we did. We etched glass ornaments with different decorations inside.

Our next ride day will be in January. We will not bring horses again because of the predicted temperature and the weather. It sounds like we have a lot of crafts on that day and probably a meeting as well.

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