Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A tie and a loss for the Novice Chinooks

Bowen Hann tending goal for the Chinooks
J. Jackson photos/video
Joey Jackson

The Novice Chinooks had an exciting game against Warner's Sabres on Sunday February 15 at the MCC arena with a come-from-behind tie late in the third period. Not holding a lead for the entire game, Chinook Jaydon Draper's late game hat trick, with his last goal coming in the last 5 minutes of the game, tied the game at 5 apiece.  Walker Anderson was the Chinooks' other goal scorer.  He scored just after coming out of the box a few seconds earlier.  Draper earned a natural hat trick in the game, scoring 4 goals in total.  At last tabulation Draper was 5th in the Spud League Novice B division for scoring.

Warner goaltender Hunter Douglas played an amazing game for his team, stopping multiple breakaways and chances by the Chinooks help his team to the tie. Connor Chapman of the Sabres also had a great game, scoring four of their goals and getting a natural hat trick in the first period of the game.  Chinooks goalie Bowen Hann played a solid game but struggled early on, having a tough first period, but after Chapman scored the Sabres' last goal 50 seconds into the second period Hann was perfect for the rest of the game.

Final score 5-5.

The Novice Chinooks played the CNP Thunder at the Coleman rink the day before.  The Thunder won that game 10-7.  It was a tough game for the Chinooks, who only had half their squad available to play.

The Novice Chinooks travel to Cardston on Friday, February 20 and then host Raymond 1 at the MCC arena on Saturday, February 20, starting at 9:00 am, to be followed the same day (at home again) with a game against Taber 2, starting at 4:30 pm.  That will be their last regular season game.

At last calculation the Novice Chinooks were in third place in the Spud League Novice B standings, out of 8 teams total.  They have 8 wins, two losses, and 2 ties to date, an enviable record.

Walker Anderson with the puck
Jaydon Draper takes a shot

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