Friday, February 27, 2015

Details of Windy Slopes Health Foundation plans for Pincher Creek ER

Windy Slopes Health Foundation

We did it!

Windy Slopes Health Foundation is proud and excited to announce funds have been raised to complete the renovation of the Emergency Room at the Pincher Creek Health Care Centre. We want to extend our special thanks to this wonderful community for all the years of donations and support.  Over the past 2 years, Windy Slopes has been rallying support by explaining the benefits of an enhanced and renovated Emergency Room. We are at 75% of the project goal.

A SPECIAL thanks to Reeve, Brian Hammond and the MD representatives for taking the time to meet with the Minister of Health to secure the final 25% needed to proceed with this project.

Here are some highlights that this project will include:
  • Approximate cost of the project is $650K 
  • A project in the making for over 10 years. 
  • Visits to the hospital are now approximately 12,000 per year 
  • ER renovations to provide a safer, secure, efficient environment for patients 
  • New design will improve sight lines to enable nurses to see patients at all ER beds at all times. Quicker reaction times when needed. 
  • New design will enable the ER staff to view the waiting area all the way to the main hospital entrance 
  • A private room with negative pressure to be added to prevent exposure to infectious diseases 
  • ER beds will be positioned for enhanced privacy for each patient with better access to patients by caregivers 
  • ER department will have electronic access, making it safer by securing the area 
  • Work station for doctors where they can access clinic records and consultations with greater privacy and confidentiality 

All of the improvements/changes will combine to provide Pincher Creek and District and visitors one of the finest rural ER’s in Alberta

Please continue to watch for future articles about this exciting project. We will continue to keep you updated as details unfold.

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