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Senior Boys Hawks basketball update

Hawks vs Foremost - Matthew Duncan (Hawks) takes a shot
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  • Hawks vs Flyers
  • Nanton Tournament
  • Hawks vs Trojans
  • Hawks vs Dragons
  • Hawks vs Panthers
Hawks vs Flyers
Hawks vs Flyers

On January 28 the Hawks played Fort Macleod's F.P. Walshe Flyers.  The Hawks worked hard, and their passing play came together well, they showed good sportmanship to the end, but the Flyers won the game by a wide margin.  Liam Nazarek was named Hawks Player of the Game.

Hawks vs Vulcan
Nanton Tournament

On January 30/31 the Hawks participated in Nanton's tournament.  The Hawk played Coaldale's Cobras first, and won that game 65-56.  Next the faced Foremost, who won that game by a wide margin.  In their final game of the tournament the Hawk faced Vulcan, who won that game 71-54.  Throughout the tournament the Hawks demonstrated their improved passing and play setups.

Hawks vs Trojans
Hawks vs Trojans

The Hawks traveled to Coalhurst for this game, which the home Trojans won by a large margin.  The Hawks Senior Girls were a great cheering section, and the boys held it together despite getting shut-out of a lot of shots, showing great team spirit and playing it to the end.

Hawks vs Dragons
Hawks vs Dragons

On February 4 the Hawks hosted St. Michael's Dragons.  The Dragons won that one by a huge margin.

Hawks vs Panthers
Hawks vs Panthers

On February 5 the Hawks traveled to the Crowsnest Pass to take on the Panthers. The Hawks had a slight lead for most of the game, passing well, and their plays were coming together. Unfortunately, a couple of missed baskets at the end resulted in a one point loss. 47-46 Panthers. It was such a great game that both teams should be proud. They played their best to the end

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